Leadership Administration

Rob Simon

Associate Chair, Student Experience
Email: rob.simon@utoronto.ca

Leslie Stewart Rose

Associate Chair, Teacher Education 
Email: leslie.stewartrose@utoronto.ca

Bessie Giannikos

Manager, Finance and Administration  

Responsible for the administrative, financial, human resources, research & operational management of CTL.

Phone: 416.978.0060  
Email: bessie.giannikos@utoronto.ca

Michelle Pon

Manager, Academic Programs

Responsible for providing operational guidance and managerial oversight of CTL's graduate administrative team.

Phone: 416.978.0051
Email: michelle.pon@utoronto.ca

Executive Assistant and Finance Administration

Morgan Selvanathan

Executive Assistant to the Chair

  • Hiring of sessional lecturers and searches for faculty
  • Promotion of sessional lecturers and faculty
  • Coordinating/organizing departmental meetings

Phone: 416.978.0034
Email: morgan.selvanathan@utoronto.ca


Finance Assistant

  • HR (payroll, contracts, and onboarding of new faculty)​
  • Finance (expense claims, invoice processing, and budget)​

Email: ctlfinance@utoronto.ca

Louise Hoshiba Schuch

Business Officer

  • HR (payroll, contracts, and onboarding of new faculty)​
  • Finance (expense claims, invoice processing, and budget)​
  • Operations (shared spaces, keys, printer codes, etc.) ​

Phone: 416.978.0059
Email: louise.schuch@utoronto.ca

Graduate Program Administration


Program Assistant and Liaison

  • Provide administrative support to the MT Faculty and students 
  • MT Practicum support for students
  • Provide operational support to the department (e.g. office keys, room bookings) ​

Email: tba

Eliza Ren

Program Administrator, C&P and LLE

  • Provide administrative support to the C&P and LLE Program Coordinators and Faculty 
  • Course scheduling support for the C&P and LLE Programs
  • Responds to student and applicant inquiries ​

Email: cp.lle.ctladmin@utoronto.ca



Jordan Crawford

Program Administrator (MT)

  • Course scheduling for the MT Program
  • Provide administrative support to the MT Leadership
  • Responds to student inquiries

Email: mtinfo@utoronto.ca


Lynette Lobo

Practicum Assistant, MT Program

  • Liaise with partner school boards for MT Practicum placements
  • MT Practicum inquiries
  • Coordinate Practicum Partnership events and Faculty Advisor assignments

Phone: 416.978.0152
Email: lynette.lobo@utoronto.ca


Mary Lovatsis

Graduate Liaison Officer, MT Program  

  • Admission to the MT Program
  • MT-Specific Awards for new and continuing MT students

Email: m.lovatsis@utoronto.ca


Andrea Cuellar

Graduate Liaison Officer, CTL Programs

  • Admission to the C&P and LLE programs
  • CTL Student Award and Funding Opportunities​
  • CTL Student Employment Opportunities

Email: andrea.cuellar@utoronto.ca

Alanna McKnight

Academic Programs Officer

  • Course scheduling
  • Governance

Phone: 416.978.0052
Email: alanna.mcknight@utoronto.ca


Special Offices

Máiri McKenna Edwards

Coordinator, Diversity, Equity & Student Experience

  • Connecting students with equity resources at U of T
  • Talking through difficult moments or social justice-related concepts
  • Advocating with students

Email: mairi.mckennaedwards@utoronto.ca

Alex Andrei

Application Support Specialist    

  • Providing support for Pepper, SharePoint, and other systems
  • Enhancing workflows and processes
  • Supporting online communications (Website, Newsletters, etc.)

Email: alex.andrei@utoronto.ca

Lisa Juan

Communications and Events Coordinator

  • Provides communication strategies for the department
  • Coordinates departmental events
  • Generates promotional material related to events and programs
  • Manages social media platforms

Phone: 416.978.0052
Email: lisa.juan@utoronto.ca


Research & Project Coordinator

AV Verhaeghe

Editorial Assistant, Curriculum Inquiry    

  • Address inquiries from authors
  • Support student and faculty editors
  • Support Curriculum Inquiry peer reviewers​

Phone: 416.978.0050
Email: a.verhaeghe@utoronto.ca