Hybrid Meeting Technology - The Meeting Owl

The Meeting Owl is an intelligent video conference and collaboration tool. This small device is used to create inclusive hybrid meetings where all participants are included equally, facilitating natural collaboration.

The Owl serves as your camera, speaker and microphone, with an 18-foot audio pick-up radius and superior speaker volume. The simple plug-and-play technology is easy to set up and manage so you don’t have to worry about technology during meetings, classes, or events.

All you need to do is plug in, and connect to your usual video conferencing tool. The video will display a panoramic view as well as a focused view of the speakers.


  • Built in Speaker
  • Built in Microphone
  • Built in 360 Degree Camera

Settings and configurations

The Owl has four specific settings that can be adjusted to your needs:

  • Ignore zone – You can set an area for the Owl to ignore, and that area will not be captured on camera.
  • Remove 360 banner – When first starting Owl it includes a 360-degree view of the room on top of the participants' display. This can be removed.
  • Track moving presenter – If there is a standing presenter or instructor, the Owl can be set to follow this individual as they move side-to-side or around the room. If a new speaker is detected, the Owl will change focus to them.
  • Focus on specific zone – Just like a still camera, the Owl has the capability of capturing a specific location.


OISE staff and faculty can request the use of a Meeting Owl. Speak with your department Business Officer to determine if your department already has a Meeting Owl.

How to Request

Please visit the Online Service Hub to create a new request. Use the Category drop-down menu to select Equipment > Loaner Request > Staff (or Faculty)


For support, training or a demonstration of the Meeting Owl, drop in to our weekly online training session Hybrid Meetings & Event Technology, or book a consultation.




Service Type:
Communication & Collaboration, Digital Solutions
User Group:
Faculty & Instructor, Staff