Education Commons has video tutorials to help you learn more about frequently requested topics. If there is an application, technology, or digital process you would like us to record a video tutorial about, feel free to make a request by contacting Education Commons at

Quercus Tutorials

How to use ePortfolios in Quercus

How to group and weight assignments.

How to use rubrics with discussions in Quercus.

Adding a library reading list to your course.

How to hide totals in student grade summary.

Crash Course - How to build a course in Quercus

Microsoft 365 Tutorials

How to schedule and manage appointments with MS Bookings.

How to use OneDrive to save and access your files online.

How to access a shared mailbox in a web browser.

How to add a new user to a shared mailbox.

How to access a shared mailbox from a mobile device.

Google Workspace for Education

Introduction to Google Workspace for Education for the Master of Teaching Program at OISE.

Learn the basics of Google Workspace for Education.

Learn abou the advanced features of Google Workspace for Education.

Digital Accessibility

Adding Captions

How to work with captions in YouTube.

Digital accessibility in the workplace

Explore accessibility options in the workplace including captioning and transcription, dictation, screen reading, alt text, and apps to support focus and reduce screen fatigue.

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