Partnerships & Outreach

The Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study (JICS) has a long history of being actively involved and educational leaders. We have partnerships with centres, schools, universities, and institutes that ensure we are well-connected to the broader educational community. 

Internal Partnerships (OISE / University of Toronto)

The Robertson Program

The Robertson Program for Inquiry-based Teaching in Mathematics and Science creates, demonstrates, and disseminates inquiry-based teaching models for mathematics and science by focusing on teacher and student inquiry. 

The Robertson Program's first goal is to help teachers become more reflective practitioners by deepening their knowledge of mathematics and science. The second goal is to help students cultivate the critical thinking skills necessary for success in mathematics and science.


Natural Curiosity

In 2011, Natural Curiosity demonstrated how an inquiry-based approach could enable educators to meet Ministry expectations to include environmental education throughout the curriculum. Natural Curiosity introduced a four-branch framework for environmental inquiry based on a transformative vision of education, dynamically combining inquiry-based learning, experiential learning, integrated learning, and stewardship. Natural Curiosity’s message spread widely through partnerships with schools, communities, and faculties of education, professional development workshops, and by word of mouth among enthused practitioners. 


Atkinson Centre for Society Child Development

The Atkinson Centre for Society and Child Development is a research centre that is committed to using the best available evidence on early child development to inform public discourse, public policy and the professional learning of those who work with young children.

External Partnerships