Emphasis in Critical Studies in Curriculum & Pedagogy

Critical Studies in Curriculum and Pedagogy (CSCP) is an Emphasis in the C&P program for MA, MEd and PhD students who are admitted into the program. 

The CSCP Emphasis encourages a critical exploration of educational phenomena, within and beyond the scope of schools. CSCP courses focus on social justice issues in education, including those related to: environmental justice, globalization, colonialism, race, disability, gender, sexuality, cultural and linguistic difference. 

How to Participate in the Critical Studies in Curriculum and Pedagogy Emphasis

It is not necessary to formally enrol in the CSCP Emphasis, nor do you need to declare in advance your intention to pursue the Emphasis. If you are a student in the Curriculum & Pedagogy program (C&P) in CTL you are eligible to have a C&P program Emphasis by simply completing three or more courses from the Emphasis course list. Once you successfully pass these courses, contact your program administrator in the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning and request credit for satisfying the Emphasis requirements. This request must be made prior to graduation. Please note that not all courses are offered each year and that a course can only be used to satisfy the requirements of a single Emphasis.

Please note that not all the courses are offered every year. Please consult the OISE Registrar's Office & Student Experience (ROSE) website for courses available in any given term. 

Affiliated Faculty

  • Qui Alexander
  • Kathy Bickmore
  • Jennifer Brant
  • Kathy Broad
  • Carol-Ann Burke
  • Alexandre Cavalcante
  • Kathleen Gallagher
  • Rubén Gaztambide-Fernández
  • Garfield Gini-Newman
  • Tara Goldstein
  • Arlo Kempf
  • David Montemurro
  • Sarfaroz Niyozov
  • Fikile Nxumalo
  • Erminia Pedretti
  • Rob Simon
  • Sandra Styres
  • Heather Sykes
  • Peter Trifonas

Critical Studies in Curriculum and Pedagogy Courses

Course Name Course Code
Anti-Oppression Education in School Settings CTL1011H
Poststructuralism and Education CTL1024H
Language, Culture, and Identity: Literary Text in Teacher Development CTL1031H
Teacher Development: Cross-Cultural and Comparative Perspectives CTL1037H
Qualitative Methodology: Challenges and Innovations [RM] CTL1048H
Critical Practitioner Research in Education CTL1049H
Performed Ethnography and Research-Informed Theatre CTL1062H
Pedagogies of Solidarity CTL1063H
Applied Theatre and Performance in Sites of Learning CTL1064H
Approaches to Anti-Homophobia and Anti-Transphobia Education CTL1065H
Critical Approaches to Art-Based Research [RM] CTL1099H
Culture and Cognition in Mathematics, Science and Technology Education CTL1218H
Making Secondary Mathematics Meaningful CTL1219H
Sociocultural Theories of Learning CTL1220H
Experiencing Science Education as a Global Educational and Development Endeavor CTL1221H
Cultural Studies and Education CTL1304H
Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Concepts and Methods CTL1306H
Identity Construction and Education of Minorities CTL1307H
Democratic Citizenship Education CTL1312H
Gender Equity in the Classroom CTL1313H
Teaching Conflict and Conflict Resolution CTL1318H
Religious Education: Comparative and International Perspectives CTL1319H
Introduction to Decolonization in Education  CTL1332H
Minority Education and Inclusion: Policies in Practice CTL1816H
Arts in Education: Concepts, Contexts, and Frameworks CTL1818H
Urban School Research: Youth, Pedagogy, and the Arts CTL1822H
Critical Ethnography CTL1861H
Children’s Literature within a Multicultural Context CTL3031H
New Literacies: Making Multiple Meanings CTL3034H
Critical Literacy: Curriculum & Pedagogy CTL5048H
Structural and Colonial Violence: Educational Respons(abilities) and Complicities CTL5049H
Decolonial and Anti-Racist Environmental Education CTL5050H
Centering Blackness in Education Research CTL5055H