October service highlights

November 24, 2022

This October our drop-in service on Zoom was more active than ever, with a 23% increase in online calls over September. We provided support to 94 members of our community online, totalling over 24 hours of on-call service. If you find yourself waiting for a response when you call, and your request is urgent, please submit a ticket so we can prioritize your request.

For onsite service, our service delivery team was happy to assist 64 members of our community who connected with us through our 3rd floor service hub touch screen. If you’re in the OISE building and want to speak in person, or have an in-person appointment, find us on the 3rd floor by using the touch screen near the elevator. If your call isn’t answered the first time, press call again, and the next available service delivery specialist will answer.

Other highlights:

  • Our team is pleased to report that 92% of service requests placed in October were resolved during the month. Common requests were about OISE apps, software issues and equipment.
  • The surge of online events has slowed down since orientation in September, with 10 online or hybrid events this October, down from 29 in September. Of special note is the ROSE Open House which had 569 participants join their online event.

October Services Metrics:

  • Number of tickets: 478
  • Number resolved: 443
  • Popular topics: OISE Apps – 81(16.9%) | Software Issues - 76 | Equipment - 47
  • Events supported: 10 events total. 2 online, 8 hybrid
  • Drop-in service online (Zoom): 94 with 1415 minutes
  • Private consultations:  77 total. 19 remote, 58 onsite
  • Onsite service hub calls (by touch screen): 64

In comparison, here are metrics for September:

  • Number of tickets: 565
  • Number resolved: 518
  • Popular topics: OISE Apps - 91 | Software Issues - 80 | Equipment - 62
  • Events supported: 29 events total. 2 online, 27 hybrid
  • Drop-in service online (Zoom): 76 with 1327 minutes
  • Private consultations:  87
  • Onsite service hub calls (by touch screen): 35

How to Contact Education Commons:

Find the Education Commons website linked in the footer of any OISE webpage, or go directly to oise.utoronto.ca/educationcommons

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