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BFEP: Academic Options

Academic Options for BFEP Teacher Candidates

BFEP participants can opt to select the following elective courses in their 2nd year:

CTL5701 – Critical Community Engaged Learning (CCEL)

This course is part of a collaborative initiative with the TDSB Centre of Excellence for Black Student Achievement. This course explores the theory and practice of critical community-engaged learning (CCEL) in the fields of social/eco-justice education and antiracist pedagogical approaches. CCEL is informed by antiracist and anti-oppressive critical methodologies grounded by asset-based understandings of the community. In this course, we will explore the historical and conceptual foundations of CCEL and experience its opportunities and tensions firsthand in school and community settings. Students will identify and critically interrogate current educational research, practice, and policy in areas related to CCEL and engage in community-informed practices that serve justice-seeking communities and initiatives through an experiential placement. 

CTL5704 – Urban Education Curriculum and Pedagogy

This course considers the way the social, cultural, economic and political context of metropolitan areas is related to youth experiences, health and education outcomes. We will treat parent and student engagement as a primary concern, focusing on how to make urban schools more engaging places for parents and students, particularly those experiencing marginalization on the basis of multiple social identities and categories of difference.

CTL5708 – Black Identities: Issues & Practice

This course will provide a brave space for Black self-identified educators and practitioners to deconstruct what it means to be Black from an intersectional lens navigating power and the complexities affiliated with experiencing privilege and oppressions across different settings.  As an affinity group space, it provides opportunities for Black educators to share their lived experiences, build connections, and learn from other Black educators in a healing, empowered, culturally responsive, affirming, and sustaining space. The content of the course explores historical and current realities of Black educators from multiple vantage points, providing opportunities for reflection and action for creating and sustaining Black identities and communities.


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