We are delighted that you are considering graduate studies at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE). We offer over 40 full-time and part-time graduate programs in studies in education. Before you begin your application, we encourage you to review our programs, explore our faculty and their research, and talk to those working in your desired field.

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One fee, up to three applications

Our one application fee allows you to apply for one, two, or three OISE programs within the same academic year using our online application system, GradApp. However, be sure to consider your programs carefully because once you submit your application, you will not be permitted to make any changes.

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Before You Begin Your Application

Discover our graduate programs and determine how OISE can help you meet your academic and professional goals. These resources will help you on your journey:

Be sure to attend our information events where you can meet faculty, students and staff. Our student ambassadors are also available to answer your questions. Follow OISE Voices on Instagram or email them at oise.ambassador@utoronto.ca.

Explore our faculty and their research to determine which areas best align with your goals.

Application How-to Guide

We encourage you to listen/watch this step-by-step guide to our online admission application.

You can also view the step-by-step guide in a written format.

Applying to OISE with International Credentials?

Applicants who have completed part or all of their post-secondary studies abroad, including international exchange, are considered to have international credentials. Review the International Credentials Equivalencies website


Elements of the Online Application

The online application is made up of the following components. Be careful when selecting the various elements because your application will be processed based on this information. Changes to your application are not possible after you click "Continue" on the Review page.

Once your application has been submitted, we will not be able to modify your application, and there are no exceptions to this policy.

In addition to the information available here, we have prepared a comprehensive guide to help you navigate the online application. 

For more information on how student data is collected, used, and protected, visit https://data.viceprovoststudents.utoronto.ca.

To create an application for the 2024-2025 academic year, select “Fall 2024 - Summer 2025”.

Typically, new students are expected to begin their program in the Fall session, which commences in September. 

Full-time or part-time is specified on an offer of admission and restrictions may apply if you want to change it.

If the program you are interested in has both full-time and part-time options and you want to be considered for both, submit a full-time application and mention your interest in part-time in your response to one of the faculty questions. To learn more about program attendance types, consult the School of Graduate Studies Calendar.

If a program has an associated field (or fields) select/ rank in order of preference. Typically, at least one field must be selected and selecting more than one is optional.

If a program has associated Collaborative Specializations, select/rank in order of preference. Selecting a Collaborative Specialization is optional. However, interested applicants are responsible for reviewing a Collaborative Specialization's application information and directions, as many have a separate application process.

As English is the primary language of instruction and communication at the University of Toronto, applicants must demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English, regardless of citizenship status or country of origin.

Review Supporting Documents for more information on who requires English Language Proficiency.

These questions are created by a program to learn more about you. Questions vary across programs, and your answers will be used as part of the evaluation of your application. 

Enter your response to each question in the text box provided. A word count limit is specified, and applicants are encouraged to formulate concise, succinct, and brief responses.

Important: You will not be able to make changes to your responses to the faculty questions once you click "Continue" on the Review page.

Each application (domestic and international) must include an unofficial electronic transcript from every post-secondary institution attended, letters of reference, and a resume or curriculum vitae (CV). Once you submit your application, you will have ten days to upload your supporting documents.

After Submitting Your Application

After you start an application on GradApp, Application Management shows all applications on your record and their status (for example, "In Progress" or "Submitted"). After you have submitted your application, the Application Status displays information about the following:


You can edit/change your mailing and permanent address.

Application Checklist

The applicant checklist displays all required supporting documents specific to the program of study to which you’re applying as "Awaiting" or "Received".

Uploading Materials/ Supporting Documents

Only upload the supporting documents listed on the Application Checklist; do not upload extra or supplemental documents.

Account Tools

You can make changes to your email address and your password.


After payment of the total application fee for your first OISE application, there is no additional fee for a second and third OISE application within the same academic year. 

Important: An application is officially submitted only after payment of both application fees (total 235.00 CAD) and you pay each separately:

  1. SGS Application Fee (125.00 CAD)
  2. Supplemental Application Fee (110.00 CAD)

Reference Letter Reminder

If you need to re-send an email notification to a recommender/referee to remind them to upload a reference letter, you can navigate to the Recommendations section.

If you have entered incorrect details, or your recommender can no longer provide a reference, you must first add the new referee and then exclude the old referee.

International Applicants

Students attending an OISE Orientation event.

We welcome you to Toronto, one of the world's safest and most diverse cities. The Centre for International Experience (CIE) has created a resource library to help you navigate studying and living in Toronto. These additional resources may also help you when considering the cost of studying at OISE:

As we prepare to welcome new students from around the globe to OISE, we understand that you may have concerns about the recent announcement by the Government of Canada regarding a cap on study permits for new international students. Rest assured, these measures do not apply to graduate students, and will not affect applicants to OISE. For the latest information, please visit the School of Graduate Studies website.

Evaluating Your Application

Your application is first reviewed by the OISE Registrar's Office & Student Experience (ROSE). We conduct an academic assessment of your post-secondary credentials which involves verifying the accreditation of an academic institution, considering appropriate University of Toronto degree equivalency, and calculating academic standing. If your application does not meet the minimum academic requirements, your application will be designated as non-standard.

Your application is then reviewed by a program admissions committee comprised primarily of OISE Faculty. All aspects of your application are thoroughly considered, including the academic assessment, reference letters, your resume, other supporting documents (if required) and your responses to faculty questions. Specific evaluation methods of each committee vary.

Once a recommendation is made by the program admissions committee, the Registrar's Office & Student Experience reviews the recommendations and prepares the correspondence to applicants.

Notification of Results

You will be provided with official written notification of results for each application, typically "Offer of Admission", "Notification of Waitlist Status", or "Notification of Refusal”. Official results are final and not subject to appeal.

Official results from the Registrar's Office & Student Experience are uploaded to you via the online admissions application. Any decisions you receive from a program or department are not official.

When applicable, information regarding the OISE Graduate Funding Package is included with an offer of admission.

A student cannot undertake more than one program in the same session. If you receive more than one offer of admission, you must tell us which program you wish to pursue.

Frequently Asked Questions

A reference number is assigned to your application after you submit it (top-right of Application Status page). Make a note of this reference number and include it (along with your name) in all contact with OISE regarding your application.

After creating an application record, you can log out and return later to edit and/or change information - but only before clicking "Continue" on the Review page (which submits your application).

After you enter information and provide a signature, the "Review" page allows you to continue (if you’re sure your application is complete) or "Save for Later" (if you want to return to your application and possibly make changes).

On the Review page, when you click "Continue", you acknowledge that you will be unable to make changes to your application afterwards, and that you have ensured your application is accurate, complete, and ready for submission.

On the Review page, after you click "Continue", you will not be able to edit/change the information you have entered. Ensure the information you enter is accurate because your application will be processed based on this information. We will not add, remove, or revise an application; this policy has no exceptions. 

On the Review page after you click "Continue" you will not be able to edit/change your responses to the faculty questions.

The Faculty Questions page gives you an early opportunity to upload supporting documents (such as a resume). While you must enter your responses to the faculty questions here, we recommend waiting to upload supporting documents on the Application Status page where you can review the Application Checklist.

After you submit your application, on the Application Status page you can:

  • pay both application fees;
  • upload required materials/supporting documents; and
  • review the Application Checklist that displays the status of all required supporting documents (Awaiting or Received).

An application is officially submitted only after payment of both application fees (total 235.00 CAD), and you pay each separately:

  1. SGS Application Fee (125.00 CAD)
  2. Supplemental Application Fee (110.00 CAD)

After you start an application, we recommend finishing it as promptly as possible (including payment of both application fees). It’s possible to start an application, but subsequently, a program closes for application. If this occurs, do not pay an application fee after a program is closed for application (Application Deadlines & Closing Dates). 

A late application will not be considered, and all application fees are non-refundable.