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BFEP: Academic Pathway

Academic Pathway for BFEP Teacher Candidates

BFEP teacher candidates are assigned to BFEP sections of courses, establishing a “pathway” for Black MT candidates across their program experience. These courses fulfill standard requirements of the regular MT program.

Year 1: (Sept-April)          

CTL7009 - Anti-Discrimination Education
CTL7006 - Research One 
CTL7081 - Winter Practicum (Intentional Practicum)

Intersession: (May-June)  

Select one of the following “Electives” (availability varies each year)
CTL5701 - Critical Community Engaged Learning OR
CTL5704 - Urban Education Curriculum and Pedagogy OR
CTL5708 - Black Educator Identities & Practice

Year 2: (Sept-April)        

One of the “Electives” listed in the Intersession
CTL7015 - Research 2 
CTL7090 - Winter Practicum (Intentional Practicum)



Visit the Registrar's Office and Student Experience (ROSE) admissions website to apply. If you would like to learn more about the Black Future Educators Pathway to admission, you may connect with one of our program administrators at: