Curriculum & Pedagogy Approved Research Methods Courses

Students enrolled in the Masters of Arts in Curriculum & Pedagogy program are required to complete one research methods course from this approved list. 

Doctoral students are expected to complete one course from this list if they did not complete it at the master's level. 

Note that not all the courses are offered every year. Please consult the OISE Registrar's Office and Student Experience website for courses available in any given term. 

Please consult the OISE Bulletin course list for the Special Topics courses in the CTL5000H to CTL5299H range (master's level) or CTL6000H to CTL6299H range (doctoral level) that can fulfull the research methods course requirements for this particular year. 


Research Methods Course Course Code
Evaluation of Curriculum & Instruction  CTL1014 
Intro to Qualitative Inquiry in Curriculum, Teaching and Learning  CTL1018
Fundamentals of Program Planning and Evaluation CTL1040
Research Methods in Education  CTL1041
Instrument Development in Research CTL1042
Research Issues in Alternative Assessments CTL1043
Critical Practitioner Research in Education CTL1049
Performed Ethnography and Research Informed Theatre CTL1062
Critical Approaches to Arts-based Research CTL1099
Research and Inquiry in Arts Education CTL1105
Action Research in Science, Mathematics and Technology Education CTL1211
La recherche qualitative en éducation: bases théoriques et pratiques CTL1306
Qualitative Research Methods in Education: Concepts and Methods CTL1306
Action Research and Professional Practice CTL1801
Narrative and Story in Research and Professional Practice CTL1809
Qualitative Research in Teaching, Doctoral Level CTL1810
Research Seminar in Science Education CTL1841
Mixed Methods Research in Education: Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Inquiries CTL1842
Models and Issues in Program Evaluation CTL1843
Seminar in Evaluation Problems CTL1844
Critical Ethnography CTL1861
Methodologies for Comparing Educational Systems CTL1864