The Master of Teaching Program is a two-year (20 month) graduate level teacher education program that leads to a Master of Teaching (MT) degree. Upon successful completion of the program, you will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for a Certificate of Qualification and Registration, which certifies you to teach in Ontario schools. Although pay scale assessments are based on individual qualifications, most Master of Teaching graduates are assessed by the Qualifications Evaluation Council of Ontario (QECO/COEC) and Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) at an A3 / Group 3 level.

Program Divisions

You can choose from among the following MT Program Divisions:


Kindergarten to Grade 6


Grades 4 to 10


Grades 7 to 12

Each Junior-Intermediate teacher candidate specializes in one of the following subjects: Dramatic Arts, English, French, Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Mathematics, Music (Instrumental or Vocal), Science, or Visual Arts.

Each Intermediate-Senior teacher candidate specializes in two of the following subjects: Biology, Business Studies (General or Accounting), Chemistry, Dramatic Arts, English, French, Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Mathematics, Music (Instrumental or Vocal), Physics, Religious Education, Science General, Social Science, and Visual Arts. 

Program Structure

The program spans across 5 terms as follows:

Terms 1 & 2

From September of 2022 to April of 2023

• Seven academic courses 
• Two practicum blocks

Term 3

May 2023 to August 2023

• Four academic courses 

Terms 4 & 5

September 2023 to April 2024

• Seven academic courses 
• One practicum block

Program Options & Opportunities

The following options and and opportunities are now available to 2023 applicants:

University of Toronto Schools (UTS) Cohort Option

The University of Toronto Schools (UTS) Cohort option provides Intermediate/Senior (Gr. 7-12) teacher candidates with an extended opportunity to be part of a school community over two semesters.

York Region District School Board (YRDSB) Cohort Option

The York Region District School Board (YRDSB) Cohort option provides Primary/Junior (Gr. K-8) teacher candidates the opportunity to be part of a school-based cohort at Herbert H. Carnegie Public School.

Black Future Educators' Pathway (BFEP) to Admission

NEW Starting in the 2023 application cycle (for admission to start in 2024), Black applicants to OISE’s Master of Teaching program may choose to select the Black Future Educators’ Pathway (BFEP) through a dedicated application process.


Each of our courses interweaves theory and practice to help you gain a deep understanding of the teaching-learning process while acquiring an extensive repertoire of teaching strategies. You will complete courses in both curriculum, such as literacy and mathematics, and foundations, such as psychology and special education. Our curriculum is carefully designed to guide you through your development as a teacher. 

Please consult our MT Student Handbook for more details about our program.

Graduation Requirements

To graduate with an MT degree and teacher certification, you will be required to complete 18 half-courses and 3 practice teaching placements. The program is taken on a full-time basis. Advanced standing is not granted in this program. You will also complete a research project on a topic related to teachers’ work. Registration in second year is contingent upon successful completion of first-year work and practice teaching placements.

Graduate Research

Over the two years of the program, you will study the latest educational research and conduct your own research on a topic related to teaching and learning. In your first year of the program you will take an introductory research course that focuses on research literacy. In the second year, you will design and carry out a qualitative research study. Prior research experience is not a requirement or an expectation for admission to the program. Your research investigations will examine both the educational theory relating to a topic and its practical application to teaching. You will be carefully guided through all research activities.

The titles of some recently completed projects are:

  • Bringing the Environment Home: Environment Education in Low-Income Urban Communities
  • Fostering literacy success among English language learners in the mainstream classroom
  • Experiential Learning for the History Classroom: Engaging Learners on Different Levels and in
  • Different Ways to Encourage a Lifelong Love of Learning
  • Inclusive Classrooms for Students with Internalized Disorders: Teachers’ Perspectives and Practices
  • Conceptual Learning in Mathematics: How Number Talks Benefit Students with Math Anxiety
  • A Case for Social Justice: An Integrative Approach to Incorporating Social Justice Education within the Classroom

Please check out our Doctoral Pathway FAQ for more information about doctoral programs and how to plan for an eventual application. For more information about graduate research please visit our MT Research section of the site.

Practice Teaching

Practicum is an important and highly valued component of the MT program. Becoming a certified teacher in the province of Ontario requires the successful completion of 80 days of practicum. Teacher Candidates complete two one-month blocks of practicum in Year 1 and an extended practicum in Year 2 of the program. Each practicum is preceded by several practicum preparation days​​​​​​.



Practicum is an evaluated full-time experience in a classroom with an Associate Teacher. During practicum, you will be involved in a wide-range of activities including observing the Associate Teacher, teaching the whole class, engaging with small groups of students, and working one-on-one with a pupil. Your Associate Teacher will mentor you in all aspects of teaching including planning, delivering lessons, assessment, classroom management, and more. As you gain experience and proficiency, you will be eased into fuller responsibilities over the placement. (Additional details can be found at Weekly Expectations). As part of the assessment and evaluation of the practicum, Associate Teachers will complete a Summative Evaluation.



Practicum Preparation Days

Practicum Preparation Days are days in which you visit your placement classroom in the weeks prior to the beginning of the practicum block. During Practicum Preparation Days, you will have an opportunity to meet your Associate Teacher, meet the students, learn classroom routines, and learn more about the school.


MT Practicum Handbook

The MT Practicum Handbook provides many additional details about the MT practicum. We have also developed an MT Practicum section that contains additional resources for Associate Teachers and Teacher Candidates. If you have any inquiries or questions about the practicum, please email us at

The cover of the MT Practicum Handbook for 2022-23