Why Choose Master of Teaching?

Teaching excellence and scholarly research are the mutually reinforcing pillars of the Master of Teaching program. The program prepares candidates to become outstanding teachers and leaders who consult, critique, create, and mobilize educational research. As a community, our faculty, students and graduates share a deep commitment to all learners and the building of a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

Earn a Master's Degree

Earn a Master's degree, instead of a Bachelor’s degree, with your teacher certification. Upon completion of program, you will be qualified to teach in Ontario Schools. Some of our graduates use the research they conducted during their Master of Teaching program to gain admission to doctoral studies.

Exceptional courses

Enjoy courses that explore all aspects of teaching, including special education, aboriginal education, equity and diversity issues, educational technology, child development, environmental education and more. 

Small, interactive classes

Our classes consist of 25 to 35 students. Our instructors are accomplished educators who use interactive, constructivist pedagogies.

Research-informed practice

Learn what research tells us about best teaching practices. Visit our MT Research website for more information. 

Highly qualified instructors

Our instructors have strong academic and professional qualifications. Virtually all of our instructors have Ph.D or Ed.D degrees in education. 

Cohort-based learning

Our program is organized in professional learning communities called cohorts. We have an intermediate-Senior thematic cohort focused on global citizenship which is based at the University of Toronto School (UTS).

Accessible faculty

We have a caring and dedicated administrative team, and an open door policy among faculty.

Opportunities to specialize

After your first year, you will choose an "area" of specialization (e.g., Indigenous education, social justice, teaching & the arts, etc.) where you can take additional courses and develop even deeper expertise.

Professional community

Become part of a cohesive professional community while you study to be a teacher and obtain a Master’s level degree.