Guidelines on privacy and security for mobile apps

By Nathan Christie, Communications Coordinator at Education Commons
March 15, 2023
Protecting your privacy and security when using mobile apps - Four quick tips to remember!

The University of Toronto’s Information Security group has issued helpful guidelines to protect our privacy and security when using social media and mobile apps.

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Access visual aids summarizing the guidelines’ tips

Education Commons has created an infographic outlining the four major tips detailed in the guidelines (shown below).

Infographic that outlines the four tips to protect privacy and security on mobile tips, adapted from the article by University of Toronto Information Security.


Infographic text

Protecting your privacy and security when using mobile apps

Four quick tips to remember
  1. Do a quick search - Before downloading a new app, check if there are any known privacy and security concerns associated with it.
  2. Pause before granting permission - Be cautious about what permissions you are giving to the app and determine what data should not be disclosed when you sign up.
  3. Review the terms & conditions - Read the applications’ privacy policies and terms and conditions to be aware of their data-collection and sharing policies.
  4. Consider the source - Download apps from trusted sources like Apple App Store or Google Play to limit the risk of spyware and other vulnerabilities which may lead to cybersecurity attacks.

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Other ways to access this infographic

This infographic is available in other versions, based on your preferred use:

Download a version of this infographic with a hyperlink to the full guidelines

Recommended for viewing on your computer or smartphone device.

Download a version of this infographic with a QR code to the full guidelines

These versions are more ideal if you would like to print this infographic out. Please feel free to post this on your wall, in a common room or any accessible space where a person may find the tips useful!


Where to find the full guidelines

Please visit the Information Security's webpage: Guidelines on privacy and security for mobile apps.

The guidelines may also be found by visiting the Information Security homepage – see screenshot of the homepage below for reference as to where the guidelines are located.

Information Security homepage, highlighting where the guidelines on privacy and security for mobile apps can be found.
Information Security's homepage can be visited at


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