Education Commons Service Highlights – Academic Year 2022-2023

By Nathan Christie, Communications Coordinator at Education Commons
May 31, 2023
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The 2022-2023 academic year is coming to an end! With it, Education Commons is reflecting on how we supported the OISE community from September to April, based on all the requests we received via the OISE Online Service Hub, onsite interactive service hub, drop-ins and private consultations 

A landmark year for the OISE Online Service Hub 

For the 2022-2023 academic year, Education Commons received 3171 requests  And we are pleased to say we found a solution for 2908 of these requests, a completion rate of 91.53%! That’s above the industry’s rate of request resolution that is currently 70-79%

We’re also happy to have brought the Department of Leadership, Higher & Adult Education (LHAE) aboard the OISE Online Service Hub, demonstrating a new way for Education Commons to partner with other departments at OISE, optimizing and making more efficient support relationships and structures at OISE. If you want to see your department in the OISE Online Service Hub, please contact Education Commons to begin the conversation. 

How metrics guide our continual improvement 

Every week, Education Commons reviews weekly metrics at an all-staff Teams' meeting. It allows us to keep a finger on the pulse – whether we have responded to all requests, what’s still outstanding, and what clarity is needed from a broader team in order to address a request. 

Education Commons leadership reviews trends and focuses the department’s energy to address any emerging movements, taking action to ensure continual improvement to the services that we provide.

If you have service feedback that you would like to share, book some time with Education Commons' leadership (select “Share feedback with EC Leadership”). 

Supporting Hybrid arrangements at OISE 

As we operate and support the hybrid way of being at OISE, Education Commons assisted in setting up 73 hybrid events. 

If you’d like to hold a hybrid event and do not know where to start, book a consultation with us (select “Hybrid Events and AV Consultation”). 

In addition to this, Education Commons hosted 663 Zoom Drop-ins since September 2022. We also saw 456 private consultations, ranging from topics such as using MS 365 tools, to consultations for websites and events, to device migration pick-up, and more. Reminder: We have a whole list of topics that community members can book! 

See the full list of numbers behind our service highlights below, and check out the ways you can get in touch with us. Remember, Education Commons is here for all your needs in tech, events, websites, and other digital solutions at OISE!

Contact Education Commons 
  • In person at OISE: Use the touch screens on the third floor
  • Submit a ticket: Visit the OISE Online Service Hub and select “Education Commons Service Hub”
  • Drop-in service online: Drop-in on Zoom, Mon – Fri, 11 a.m. – 3 p.m.
  • Book a consultation: Make an appointment to speak to one of our experts 

One more tip: You can find the Education Commons website linked in the footer of any OISE webpage, or visit our homepage directly at

Service Highlights – The Year by the Numbers 
Total Highlights for the Academic Year (September 2022 to April 2023) 
  • Number of Tickets: 3171 
  • Number Resolved: 2908
  • Events Supported: 95
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 663
  • Private Consultations: 456
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 462

Service Highlights – Months by the Numbers 
September 2022
  • Number of Tickets: 565
  • Number Resolved: 518
  • Events Supported: 29
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 76
  • Private Consultations: 87
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 35
January 2023
  • Number of Tickets: 500
  • Number Resolved: 484
  • Events Supported: 10
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 105
  • Private Consultations: 51
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 49
October 2022
  • Number of Tickets: 478
  • Number Resolved: 443
  • Events Supported: 10
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 94
  • Private Consultations: 77
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 61
February 2023
  • Number of Tickets: 304
  • Number Resolved: 288
  • Events Supported: 13
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 86
  • Private Consultations: 41
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 61
November 2022
  • Number of Tickets: 388
  • Number Resolved: 333
  • Events Supported: 9
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 94
  • Private Consultations: 74
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 51
March 2023
  • Number of Tickets: 394
  • Number Resolved: 384
  • Events Supported: 9
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 93
  • Private Consultations: 57
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 116
December 2022
  • Number of Tickets: 215
  • Number Resolved: 162
  • Events Supported: 5
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 39
  • Private Consultations: 24
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 27
April 2023
  • Number of Tickets: 327 
  • Number Resolved: 296
  • Events Supported: 10
  • Zoom Drop-ins: 76
  • Private Consultations: 45
  • Onsite Service Hub Calls: 62
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