Advisors and Supervisors

OISE Faculty member Eve Tuck.
Advisors and Supervisors

Faculty Advisor

All new students are assigned a faculty advisor. The faculty advisor provides guidance and information regarding the program, helps the student through the degree process, and assists the student in selecting a thesis supervisor.

It is the student’s responsibility to communicate with their advisor to discuss aspects of the program. Students should consult with their assigned advisor before the end of their first term or earlier about their program of studies.

In assigning advisors, the Admissions Committee aims to match students with interests similar to those of the faculty advisor, but this is not always guaranteed. There is also no guarantee that an assigned faculty advisor will become the student’s thesis or MRP supervisor.

If a student wishes to change advisors, permission must be received from the faculty member that will be acting as the new advisor. Students should inform the departmental Graduate Liaison Officer of the change in faculty advisor.

More information on the faculty advisor's role is available in the Graduate Supervision Guidelines.

Thesis Supervisor

Thesis supervision is negotiated between a student and a faculty member. The supervisor may be the student's faculty advisor or someone whose course(s) the student has taken and shares research interests with. Some faculty members may only agree to supervise students who have taken their course(s).

When approaching a potential supervisor, it is helpful to have a piece of writing/research in hand, as well as a rough thesis proposal, to share and discuss. This will give the potential supervisor an idea of your interests and views for your choice of work.

School of Graduate Studies Supervision Website is also a great resource for students and faculty.


Process for planning a major research Paper or thesis:

  • Confirm with the faculty member that he/she is willing to be your thesis or MRP supervisor; 
  • Negotiate thesis supervision and committee membership with your supervisor;
  • Complete the Approval of Supervisor form and submit it to your supervisor for approval;
  • After your supervisor has been confirmed, he/she will become your advisor and assist you in setting up your thesis committee, completing the ethical review process (if necessary) and developing, writing, and preparing for the review and defence of your MRP or thesis.