Faculty Listing (SJE)

Our faculty have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

Abigail Bakan, PhD 

Abigail B. Bakan’s research is in the area of anti-oppression politics, with a focus on intersections of gender, race, class, political economy and citizenship

Lauren Bialystok, PhD
Associate Professor

Philosophy of education; ethics; moral and political philosophy; identity; authenticity; sex education; gender and feminism

Megan Boler, PhD

Social media and algorithmic oppression; disinformation and media literacy; political debate in online spaces; philosophy and theory of emotions; cultural studies; social movements; feminist theory

Martin Cannon, PhD
Associate Professor

Legal injustices related to Canada's Indian Act, the colonial politics of state recognition, Educational strategies centered on Indigenous-settler relationships rejuvenation and nation-to-nation political relationships.

George Dei, PhD

Race, Anti-racism, African Indigeneity, anti-colonialism and inclusive schooling. Currently doing research on African Elders

Diane Farmer, PhD
Associate Professor

Francophone minority studies, sociology of education, sociology of childhood, school ethnographies.

Amal Madibbo, PhD
Associate Professor

Blackness, Francophonie, Migration and Identity.

Rosalind Hampton, PhD
Assistant Professor

Black radical thought and creative practice, Black Studies in Canada, social relations in higher education, student activism, and community-based and popular education.

Devon Healey, PhD
Assistant Professor

Disability Studies, Blind Studies, Blindness, Performance, Phenomenology, Visual Culture, Theatre and Drama

Research Overview

Disability studies marks the occasion for all of us to engage with the intrigue of disability. I approach disability, including my own blindness, as the dynamic life of performance. As such, disability studies allows us to socially locate instances of disability in the theatre of everyday life. Social actors, disabled and non-disabled actors alike, participate in this theatre to create a multi-version image of disability. My work aims at unravelling this multi-image character of disability and to reveal critical and creative ways of reimagining disability – imagining blindness as perception rather than distortion, for example. I make use of phenomenology together with various critical fields of inquiry such as Indigenous Studies, Black Studies and Queer Studies as a way to develop a performative and theatrical sense of disability. Finally, my work is consciously committed to the cultivation of Blind Studies as a legitimate form of inquiry.

Shozab Raza, PhD
Assistant Professor

Critical political economy; revolutionary politics and social movements; decolonization; Marxism; Asian and Asian diaspora studies 

Tanya Titchkosky, PhD

Dr. Titchkosky’s approach to Disability Studies is informed by cultural studies and interpretive sociology supported by versions of feminist, queer theory, and Black studies that take a phenomenological orientation.

Miglena Todorova, PhD
Associate Professor, Graduate Coordinator

Transnational feminisms, sexual violence and its prevention in higher education, social relations in socialist and capitalist states.

Eve Tuck, PhD
Associate Professor

Indigenous feminisms, youth participatory action research, decolonization. My approach to teaching is to select delicious texts to read together and to create compelling assignments in which students synthesize and make meaning. Reading and writing are core modes of learning in my teaching, but class assignments take many shapes. In the classroom and in academe, I believe that "playing devil's advocate" is overrated. Students whose work I supervise have the chance to work in the Tkaronto CIRCLE Lab.

Njoki Wane, PhD
Professor, Chair

Gender, colonialism and development; black feminism; indigenous knowledge practices; African immigrant women in Canada; and anti-racism education.

Terezia Zoric
Associate Professor, Teaching Stream

Social diversity in schooling.

Emeritus Faculty

Sandra Acker
Professor Emerita 

Careers and changes in academic work, the social production of academic research, women academics in leadership positions, experiences of doctoral students and graduates, and university tenure and other evaluative practices

Deanne Bogdan
Professor Emeritus

Philosophy of education, aesthetic education, feminist aesthetics, musical spirituality

Dwight Boyd
Professor Emeritus

Kari Dehli
Professor Emeritus

Michael Fullan
Professor Emeritus

Monica Heller
Professor Emerita

Linguistic anthropology, francophone Canada, nationalism, multilingualism 

Helen Lenskyj
Professor Emerita

Olympic industry critique, genders, sexualities, transgender athletes

David Livingstone
Professor Emeritus

Class analysis; work and learning; alternative futures, Tipping Point for Advanced Capitalism (2023)

Ruth Pierson
Professor Emerita

John Portelli
Professor Emeritus