Research Projects

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Research Projects

Research is an integral part of the Social Justice Education community. A central aspect of each of our programs, Social Justice Education provides students with the tools necessary to contribute meaningfully to their area of study. With innovative research projects and accesss to innovative research centres, our students and Faculty engage in research in exciting and meaningful ways. 

Current Research Projects

Funded Research Projects are available under individual Faculty Profiles.

Teaching Philosophy in Ontario High Schools

Faculty strengths include the entire philosophy team’s initiatives related to teaching philosophy in the high schools. In 2011, Professor Norris and Professors Boler, Bredo and Portelli were awarded a three year SSHRC standard grant on Teaching Philosophy in Ontario High Schools. Since 2009, the Philosophy group has established an Advanced Qualifications (AQ) course in Teaching Philosophy for practising teachers; and two courses for the Consecutive B.Ed. program: a related studies course in Philosophy in High Schools, and a one-year curriculum and instruction course in philosophy in schools. Our philosophers are global leaders in teacher education in philosophy: there is no other program like it in the world.

The History Education Network/Histoire et Éducation en Réseau (THEN/HiER)

Another notable strength is the history team’s involvement in key national history education projects, The History Education Network/Histoire et Éducation en Réseau (THEN/HiER) and the Great Unsolved Mysteries in Canadian History. Faculty in the program are actively involved not only in the history of education, but in developing and enhancing the teaching of history with their work in the Consecutive B.Ed. program. Faculty in the program as a whole are actively involved in a number of scholarly research and writing projects relating to the history and philosophy of education, including an edited collection on educating history teachers in Canada, and a book project on commemoration and historical memory in Canada.