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"To think of Education as tapestry means to think of the ways in which the pedagogy of  Black educators are interwoven in the narrative of community. Embedded in these textiles are a rich diversity of narratives and traditions expressed across the Black diaspora. This tapestry intricately weaves a community of educators committed to fostering the well-being and potential of Black youth for generations to come." 

Black Future Educators Pathway (BFEP) to Admission

Black applicants to OISE’s Master of Teaching program may choose to select the Black Future Educators’ Pathway (BFEP) to admission. 

Through this dedicated application process, the MT Program is affirming the intentional commitment to Black future educators and decreasing barriers to accessing the Master of Teaching program for Black teacher candidates. This initiative implements recommendations found in the Anti-Black Racism Task Force Report of the University of Torontoand informed by the principles, actions and accountability measures expressed in the Scarborough Charter on Anti-Black Racism and Black Inclusion in Higher Education to promote inclusive excellence and Black flourishing.  

Applicants who identify as Black may choose to indicate this on their application which will direct your application into the Black Future Educators’ Pathway.  BFEP applicants will follow the same Master of Teaching Admission Requirements. There are no additional application requirements. 

All applications received through BFEP will undergo a review process by the BFEP Admissions Sub-Committee. This review process seeks to assure that applicants’ responses are viewed through informed and shared lived experiences. As with any applicant, BFEP applicants must fulfill all admission requirements.  

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Hear from renown Black Educators and alumni and learn how BFEP can provide you the opportunity to make a difference in our schools as a Black educator.

Context & Overview

Since 2020, the MT Black Future Educators’ Pathway (BFEP) has sought to attract future Black educators and provide multi-faceted support to assure their success in OISE’s Master of Teaching (MT) program. Numerous studies and policy reports have identified how the persistent lack in teacher diversity fails to reflect student diversity in K-12 schools and contributes to the reproduction of inequitable outcomes as students miss the benefits of representative role models who adopt culturally responsive and critically conscious pedagogy. This initiative seeks to address the persistent harm identified in UofT’s Anti-Black Racism Task Force report (2021) and aligns with commitments to equity, diversity, and accessibility expressed in Ontario’s Anti-Black Racism Strategy (2017).

Designed in collaboration with partner school boards, BFEP aims to connect existing and new initiatives in outreach, admissions, program, and mentoring supports to build an intentional pathway to guide entry into the teaching profession in ways that program that centres Black excellence and flourishing.

Additional details can be found in the three sections below:

Academic Pathway

BFEP Teacher Candidates can opt to select elective courses in their 2nd year

BFEP Practicum

BFEP Teacher Candidates can opt to take part of an intentional practicum

Co-curricular Opportunities & Networking

BFEP Teacher Candidates have co-curricular and networking opportunities with university, school and community partners

Frequently Asked Questions about the BFEP Application Process

No. This is simply an option for Black applicants to have their materials reviewed by the BFEP Admissions Sub-Committee. 

The only implication is that Black applicants who indicate their interest in applying through BFEP will be reviewed by the BFEP Admissions Sub-Committee.  

Throughout their program, BFEP applicants will continue to receive information about opportunities that aim to support beginning Black educators, including scholarships, work opportunities, events, recommended courses and practicum opportunities.  

No. BFEP applicants can choose to participate in a range of course, co-curricular and practicum opportunities that are open for all Black MT students, regardless of whether they apply through BFEP or not. Applying through BFEP simply assures that applicants will be reviewed by the BFEP Admissions Sub-Committee, and continue to receive updates on program opportunities, resources and events. 

There are no additional documents required to apply via BFEP. 

As part of the application OISE, all applicants certify their application information, and confirm that supporting documentation is truthful, complete and correct. 

Contact the BFEP Team

Still have questions about the Black Future Educators' Pathway to admission or want to connect with a member of the BFEP Team? Submit your inquiry and a BFEP Outreach Coordinator will be in touch with you soon. 

Ready to Apply?

Visit the Registrar's Office and Student Experience (ROSE) admissions website to apply. If you would like to learn more about the Black Future Educators Pathway to admission, you may connect with one of our program administrators at: