Curriculum & Pedagogy Program Emphases

Students attending an OISE Orientation event.
Curriculum & Pedagogy Program Emphases

Curriculum & Pedagogy Program

The Curriculum & Pedagogy Program (C&P) is a forum for systematic reflection on curriculum, viewed in the broadest sense as educational experiences that occur in both formal and informal settings.

This includes a critical examination of the substance (subject matter, courses, programs of study), purposes, and practices used for bringing about learning in educational settings.

Program Emphases

Given the diverse academic and research interests of our faculty, the program is organized into six constituent but optional program Emphases. Students enrolled in an Emphases are required to take 3 courses from a list of courses affiliated with the Emphasis. Students who successfully complete Emphasis coursework as part of their C&P degree requirements may, prior to graduation, request a notation of the Emphasis on their transcripts. 

The Curriculum & Pedagogy program offers six program Emphases: