Academic Social Club

Sharing Experience With U (Work-Study Panel Session)

Academic Social Club

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Hosted by: Elena Chen and Sienna Huang

Are you interested in pursuing a work-study position at the University of Toronto (UofT)? Are you eager to broaden your professional horizons but unsure where to begin? Join us at our work-study conference, where you can gain valuable insights and advice from fellow students who have successfully navigated their own work-study paths.

At this engaging and interactive event, you will have the opportunity to network with peers from diverse backgrounds, fostering meaningful connections and building a strong support system. 

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About the Speakers

Jennifer Qian, MEd Curriculum & Pedagogy, CTL

Research Assistant, Astronomy Study Research Project

Yujing Shen, MEd Curriculum & Pedagogy, CTL

Research Accounting Specialist with Materials and Industrial Engineering

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