Qigong Part 2 + Mindful Awareness

Summer 2023 - Cultivating Mindfulness Practice Series

Qigong Part 2 + Mindful Awareness

tree against blue sky with light cloud

Philosopher's Walk
St. George Campus, University of Toronto
Toronto ON

Hosted by: Kern Wang

If you are looking further into Qigong practice to strengthen your capability of mindfulness, join our second part of the Qigong session (drop-in) at Philosopher’s Walk on August 1st! This time, we will follow the breathing practice to explore Baduanjing Qigong (八段錦), an ancient and popular Chinese martial art practice that integrates breathing and movements. As a beginner-friendly practice, it offers an effective pathway to cultivate your connection with inward sensations, enabling you to calm your body while refreshing your energy.

*In consideration of the weather and mosquitoes, comfortable shoes and loose-fitting, long-sleeved clothing are recommended!

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