2024-25 OISE Viewbook

The OISE Viewbook provides information about student services, student life, alumni and OISE program offerings for the current academic year.

OISE Graduate Studies Bulletin

The OISE Bulletin provides information about: graduate program requirements; course listings and descriptions, sessional dates; general program and policy information; fees; and financial support.

Archived Bulletins

Historical PDF Versions of Bulletins going as far back as 2004.

School of Graduate Studies (SGS) Calendar

The SGS Calendar provides information on graduate program requirements, fees, information, course listings, and faculty research areas at U of T.

Archived SGS Calendars

Historical Versions of SGS calendars going as far back as 2001.

Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) Calendar

The CTEP Calendar provided information on Concurrent Teacher Education Program requirements, fees information, and course listings. 

The 2018-19 Calendar is the last version of the CTEP Calendar.

Initial Teacher Education (ITE) Calendars

Includes Bachelor of Education (BEd) and Concurrent Teacher Education Program (CTEP) Calendar.

2014 - 2015 Calendar

The 2014-15 Calendar is the last version of the ITE Calendar.

Archived Calendars

Historical PDF Versions of Calendars going as far back as 2004.