Board Game Night

Students attending an OISE Orientation event.

OISE 5-230
252 Bloor Street West

Hosted by: Academic Social Club

Are you ready for a short break from your studies to relax and have fun? Are you bored with playing the same old familiar games all the time? Game Night invites you to explore some new games from different countries. Play games with peers, have fun, meet people, and learn about cultures and languages through play! Appreciate cultural differences, and minimize "culture shock" and "culture gaps' with your international peers through games. You can bring your favourite game to share with others. Game Night may include (but is not limited to) board games, card games, video games, racing, etc. If you are so inclined, you can create your own game with your group - be the designer, and decide the rules, goals, and systems. So have fun with your peers and explore new games and cultures.


About the Speaker

Elena Chen & Miralla Alakji

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