Master of Teaching Combined Degree Programs

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Master of Teaching Combined Degree Program

Master of Teaching Combined Degree Program Overview

Earn a bachelor's degree from the University of Toronto, an accredited Master of Teaching degree, and Ontario College of Teachers Certification.

The MT Combined Degree Program allows University of Toronto students to gain access to the Master of Teaching graduate program while still in their undergraduate studies, clearing a pathway towards the teaching profession. Program graduates are recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for an Ontario Teacher's Certificate of Qualification, which certifies them to teach in Ontario schools as elementary or secondary school teachers.

The Master of Teaching (MT) program offers students a unique educational opportunity, which combines teacher qualification with advanced study of educational theory and an opportunity to conduct research. The program provides students with a strong grounding in curriculum; human development; ethics and educational law; equity diversity and inclusion; Indigenous education; educational technology; instructional planning; instructional design; and learning theory. Students enjoy three practice teaching experiences in which they develop their skills as teachers and extend the theoretical and practical knowledge they acquired in the academic portion of the program.

U of T students in the MT Combined Degree Program, in your 4th year of your undergraduate program, will take 2 graduate level courses in the Master of Teaching (MT) program. These two courses may be counted towards both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. Upon graduation from your Bachelor's program and satisfying conditions of admission, you will join the Master of Teaching program full-time.

The MT program involves two years of full-time study leading to a Master of Teaching degree. Upon successful completion of this program, students will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers for an Ontario Teachers' Certificate of Qualification, which qualifies them to teach in either the Primary and Junior (P/J) divisions, the Junior and Intermediate (J/I) divisions, or the Intermediate and Senior (I/S) divisions of Ontario schools.

The program includes: formal coursework, teaching and research seminars, and practice teaching.

The 20-month program is normally completed on a full-time basis in 5 terms:

  • Terms 1 and 2 (Fall and Winter sessions, September to April)

  • Term 3 (Summer session, May to August)

  • Terms 4 and 5 (Fall and Winter sessions, September to April).

Registration in Terms 4 and 5 is contingent upon successful completion of all courses in Terms 1, 2, and 3 and two successful placements.

Applicants must select one of the following teaching divisions:

  • Primary/Junior (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6)

  • Junior/Intermediate (Grades 4 to 10)

  • Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7 to 12).

At a Glance

Study Options
After satisfying conditions of admission:

  • Registration Sequence (typical): F/W/S/F/W;
  • Full-time (5 sessions full-time)
  • Coursework (22 half courses)

Funding and Tuition
For current information about tuition fees, funding, and financial support, visit Tuition & Financial Support.  

Applications to the Master of Teaching for the 2023-2024 admissions cycle are closed.

To view updated program deadlines, visit the OISE application deadlines and closing dates page.

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Why I Chose Curriculum, Teaching & Learning

Susan He.
Susan He (Master of Teaching 2018, Master of Education 2020)

Program Coordinator, Undergraduate
PhD student, Higher Education and Educational Policy 

There is no better place to develop the skills as an educator and to springboard into a career in educational research than the MT program at OISE. Once I began to embrace and open up to the vulnerabilities of being a teacher and researcher in this field, my confidence and relationship with people and texts in this field also blossomed. Since then, I have been able to explore a range of topics in education broadly that benefits from my training as a secondary teacher. In my current profession and research, I engage with the issues and interconnectedness between access to higher education, academic policies, and student development. 

Master of Teaching Combined Degree Program Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

Students with a B+ average and enrolled in pre-identified programs may apply to the Combined Degree program in their third (3rd) year, and can choose from three program specializations: 

  • Primary/Junior (Junior Kindergarten to Grade 6)

  • Junior/Intermediate (Grades 4 to 10)

  • Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7 to 12).

Applicants must have strong content knowledge in two teaching subjects taught in Ontario schools regardless of the division they are applying to. Refer to the Intermediate/Senior Prerequisites to review the teaching subjects.

Note: You cannot apply to the Master of Teaching program through the Teacher Education Application Service (TEAS) run by OUAC (Ontario Universities' Application Centre).

At the University of Toronto, we strive to be an equitable, diverse and inclusive community. Our teaching, scholarship and other activities take place in the context of a highly diverse society. Reflecting this diversity in our own community contributes to the diversification of ideas and perspectives and thereby enriches our scholarship, teaching and other activities. OISE is dedicated to admitting qualified candidates who reflect the ethnic, cultural and social diversity of Toronto’s schools.

Program-Specific Information (Minimum Admission Requirements)

Minimum admission requirements for this program are:

  • Current enrolment in Year 3 of 4 in one of the University of Toronto pre-identified programs with an academic standing of a B+ or better in your 2nd year of the undergraduate program
  • Please see the SGS calendar for more details.
  • Completed 3.0 Full Course Equivalents (FCE) in your 1st teaching subject.
    • The Business Studies-Accounting subject requires completion of 3.0 FCE in Business Studies, including 1.0 FCE in Accounting.
  • Completed 1.5 FCE in your 2nd teaching subject (French as a Second Language and Science subjects require 3.0 FCE).
    • Exception: B.Kin./B.P.H.E. students must complete 1.0 FCE in your 2nd teaching subject (French as a Second Language and Science subjects require 2.0 FCE)
  • Teaching Subject Prerequisite Courses: Upon applying, prerequisite courses for teaching subject consideration are satisfied only by completed courses by the end of the 2nd term in the 3rd year of your undergraduate degree (i.e. Full-Year, Fall Session, and Winter Session courses documented in-progress on the transcript).
  • The Admissions division of the Registrar's Office & Student Experience and the Master of Teaching program cannot provide an assessment of credentials for teaching subject eligibility or academic standing prior to submission of an application.

Application Steps

Apply during your 3rd year of your 4-year Bachelors program at the University of Toronto.

  1. Create an account through the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies online application system.
  2. Select "Start New Application" and select Fall 2023-Summer 2024 (Application Year); Fall 2023 (Start session) and go to the program selection page.  Do not select a program.  Please close the application and go to step 3.
  3. Connect with your Faculty contact (below) by November 25, 2022 to indicate your interest.
  4. Your Faculty contact will verify your eligibility and will notify OISE's Registrar's Office & Student Experience if you are eligible by December 9, 2022.
  5. Your Faculty contact will advise you when to move ahead with your application. If approved, your deadline to complete the application is January 13, 2023.
Faculty contact information
Faculty of Home Program Email contact
Faculty of Arts and Science
Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education
Faculty of Music
University of Toronto Mississauga - H.B.A. programs
University of Toronto Mississauga - H.B.Sc. programs
University of Toronto Scarborough

    Not all eligible applicants are guaranteed admission.

    Your Application Package

    We are looking for applicants who have sound academic backgrounds, a deep interest in equitable education and socially just practices, as well as previous experience as an instructor, mentor, or tutor. Since this is a teaching certification program, you should not apply if you already have teaching qualifications in Canada (i.e. Ontario College of Teachers certification, Bachelor of Education degree).

    After your Faculty contact has communicated that you can move ahead with your application:

    Re-open your application and go to the "Program Exception Selection Page".  Follow the instructions in the application and complete all components.  

    Please visit the OISE Admissions website for detailed information about the application process and supporting documents.

    Please submit an online unofficial electronic transcript from each and every post-secondary institution you attended (including those in-progress). Post-secondary study includes:

    • degree programs
    • pre-degree courses (e.g., CEGEP in the province of Quebec)
    • post-degree courses (even for one single course)
    • professional development (e.g., Additional Qualification courses for educators)

    Information about submitting transcripts.

    For applicants with international academic credentials, the University of Toronto School of Graduate Studies has provided a minimum admission requirements tool that allows applicants to determine equivalency of their academic credentials. 

    A statement of intent is not required. Instead, you must enter your response to each question in the text box provided in the online application. Do not upload a separate document.

    In the Master of Teaching (MT) Program, there are three divisions to choose from - Primary/Junior, Junior/Intermediate, and Intermediate/Senior. The online application system requires a separate application for each division. If you’re applying to more than one MT division, please be sure to use the exact same application materials (resumé, responses to faculty questions, referees, transcripts, instructional experience chart). With the exception of your rank order, you will need to copy and paste your responses to the Faculty Questions to subsequent MT division applications, therefore, keep a copy to reuse.  Do not apply to the same MT division more than once.

    OISE is committed to admitting teacher candidates who show openness and commitment to working towards equity and socially just practices within diverse classrooms, schools, families, and communities. See the OISE Guiding Principles on Equity and Diversity. You will be asked to answer the following questions. 

    1. Question: Describe significant teaching and/or teaching-related experiences (up to a maximum of three experiences, at least one with a group) you have had with learners in school, work, or community settings. Reflecting on the insights that you have gained; how can you contribute to supporting and teaching students in school? How does this relate to what you can bring to the teaching profession? (maximum 500 words)
    2. Question: Describe a challenging situation you had with a learner or group of learners during one of the experiences mentioned in Question 1 above. How did the challenging situation impact the learner(s)? What did you learn about teaching and learning from this specific situation? (maximum 500 words)
    3. Question: Describe an experience that deepened your understanding of equity and social justice (you may wish to reference your own identities). How might this knowledge enable you to support the growth and success of diverse classrooms, schools, communities and/or learners? (maximum 500 words)
    4. Question (optional): Is there any additional information you want to share with the Admissions Committee that will inform their review of your application? 

    Your resumé should describe in detail your education history (both academic and professional), employment history (including names of employers, job titles, position responsibilities, dates employed, whether full or part-time), awards, business and professional achievements, community activities, as well as any special and/or transferable skills you have acquired. 

    The MT program requires two reference letters (1 professional and 1 academic). The professional reference letter should preferably be written by a person who supervised you during one of the teaching-related experiences that you described in your responses to the Faculty Questions. The academic letter should come from a University professor who has taught you in the past. If you graduated more than 3 years ago, the program will accept a second professional reference letter in its place (in this case you should direct the most suitable referee to include some comments pertaining to your intellectual abilities and potential). Full information about submitting reference letters.

    • You will be required to enter information for two (2) referees. Your referees will automatically receive a notification email that they have been requested to complete a reference for your application, along with instructions to submit their reference letter in the application system. 
    • If you need to send a reminder email to your existing referees, you can do so through your applicant portal after submitting your application.

    You are also required to include an instructional experience chart that describes your past formal/informal instructional experiences. The instructional experience chart should include dates, number of hours working with learners, locations of experience, and role. You will ideally have experience working with groups of learners, preferably at the age level you wish to teach. Please download the instructional experience chart.

    You will be asked to upload the chart through your Application Status portal after you submit your application.

    Under “Upload Materials”, select “Instructional Experience Chart” from the drop-down list. Then upload your experience chart. Please note, you will want to refresh your page after uploading to update the Application Checklist.

    Students entering the full-time Master of Teaching program may be eligible for some entrance award opportunities. These are made available through the generous contribution of our donors. Visit the MT Scholarship and Awards page for more information. MT Combined Degree students would not be eligible for the awards until they satisfy their conditions of admission and are registered full-time in the MT program.  

    Additional Degree Information

    The Master of Teaching program coursework details are as follows:

    Students must complete 11.0 full-course equivalents (FCEs) or 22 half courses consisting of:

    • 8.0 FCEs: 16 half courses (or equivalent) compulsory core courses; Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate divisions include quarter-credit courses.

    • 1.0 FCE: 2 elective courses.

    • 2.0 FCEs: 4 practice teaching courses: CTL7080H, CTL7081H, CTL7082H, and CTL7083H. There is one placement per course, totalling four teaching placements.

    • On successful completion, students receive the MT degree and a recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers for an Ontario Teachers' Certificate of Qualification.

    • Advanced standing is not granted in this program.

    • Students registered in the Primary/Junior and Junior/Intermediate divisions must successfully complete the non-credit seminar course CTL7100H Mathematics Concepts for Elementary Teacher Candidates (0.0 FCE), also known as MathPlus, during their first session of registration.

    Course areas include formal coursework, teaching and research seminars, and practice teaching.

    For more on international student admissions please review International Applicants on the OISE Registrar's office website

    International students will be required to purchase a University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) for the duration of their academic study. Please note that UHIP does not cover all the costs in an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP). Contact the UHIP office for more information about the plan's coverage and fees.

    As an International Student, available funding is limited. International students will not be able to apply for OSAP but can apply for bursaries and emergency funding. Please contact Registrar’s Office & Student Experience on the 8th floor of the OISE building.

    Centre for International Experience - The Centre is located at 33 St. George Street. The Centre provides guidance for International Students studying abroad in Toronto including visas, health insurance, financial aid, and housing. The centre is also used by both International and domestic students for many events including social and cultural.

    If you receive a conditional offer of admission, you will be able to enroll in 2 Master of Teaching gradaute elective courses as part of your 4th year of your undergraduate program.  The Master of Teaching program will provide you with a selection of courses to choose from. These electives are deisgned to complement MT core courses, have strong professional focus, and tend to be taken by in-service teachers and MT students.  Course offerings are subject to change from year to year.

    In order to continue in the MT program, you must satisfy all conditions of admission:

    • Achieving a B+ or better average in your final year or over senior level courses with a minimum B+ average in 1.0 FCE Master of Teaching graduate courses taken in Year 4;
    • Completion of 6.0 FCE in your first teaching subject and 3.0 FCE in your 2nd teaching subject.  Note: If French as a Second Language or Science subjects are selected as a 2nd teaching subject, 6.0 FCE are required.
    • Refer to the Intermediate/Senior Prerequisites to ensure you have the required prerequisite courses for TWO teaching subjects.

    While enrolled in the undergraduate program, your primary contact is your undergraduate program contact or Registrar.  When you have satisfied all conditions of admission and are admitted into the Master of Teaching program, the graduate program will assume the role of advising you.

    OISE's Registrar's Office & Student Experience will confirm with you whether the conditions have been met in the summer after graduation (after 4th year).  If conditions have not been met, the offer of admission will be cancelled.

    After Applying to the Master of Teaching Program

    What Happens After You Submit Your Application?

    Once you've completed your application, understand what happens next by visiting "After Submitting Your Application". 

    Newly Admitted Students Information

    Applicants who receive an official "Offer of Admission" result letter can view the Newly Admitted Students webpage for information about the next steps.

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