Payroll Overview

Graduate Assistantships (GA) and Teaching Assistantships (TA) payroll is processed through the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) by the OISE Payroll Team with support from the OISE Graduate Funding Office. Payments are made in equal monthly installments disbursed through direct deposit to a student employee's valid Canadian bank account. Monthly payments are paid as T4 income and are subject to applicable taxes and union dues.  

Students with employment contracts will be requested to provide payroll documentation. The first time a student is put on the OISE payroll, they will also need to present their SIN card or document for verification.   Delays in providing payroll documentation will result in a delay in processing monthly pay to the following month, or to whenever the documentation is provided.  

Your Personnel Number

Student employees are responsible for recording this number and keeping it safe for reference, as they will need it to log into a particular system.

Accessing the OISE Payroll System

All documents must be submitted to the OISE Graduate Funding Office via the OISE Hiring System. Please do not email payroll documents directly to the OISE Graduate Funding Office.

The following documents may be required. To determine what documents are required, students should log in to the Hiring System. Students who have been offered a position will have the option to submit payroll documents.  

  1. Provincial Tax Credit Form (Ontario Personal Tax Credits Return)
  2. Federal Tax Credit Form (Personal Tax Credits Return)
  3. Payroll Bank Authorization Form for Direct Deposit
  4. A void cheque from a Canadian Banking Institution
    • If you cannot provide a void cheque, complete and submit a Pre-Authorization Payment or Deposit Form supplied by your Canadian bank. 
    • Note: Students must have a valid Canadian bank account. 
  5. Copy of your Study Permit (for International Students Only)
    • To learn more about getting a study permit, Social Insurance Number (SIN), and other immigration documentation, please visit the Centre for International Experience (CIE). 
    • If you have a study permit and your Social Insurance Number starts with a "9", you must also provide a copy of your passport.  
  6. Social Insurance Number (SIN) card/letter for verification*
    • If you do not have or have lost your card/letter, you must apply through Service Canada and submit proof of application. 
    • Once you receive your card/letter, please check the drop-in hours to provide your card/letter for verification.  
    • Information for international students: To apply for a SIN card/letter, you will need 
      1. A copy of your Student Authorization; and 
      2. A letter of employment. 
        • You can obtain a letter of employment by emailing If your SIN and/or Visa expires during the academic year, your payments will stop until you provide the HR Office with new documentation. 
      3. To learn more about getting a study permit, social insurance number, and other immigration documentation, please visit the International Student Centre website. 

Changes to Your Payroll Information

If you are currently set up on payroll as a graduate assistant or teaching assistant and wish to change your payroll information during the academic year (i.e. change to banking information, Provincial or Federal tax forms, etc.), please access the hiring system to upload your new documents. Please send an email to to let them know that you have uploaded a new document.

Pay Statements & Tax Documents

Payroll documentation will be available online through the University’s Employee Self-Service System (ESS). This includes electronic delivery of your pay statement, tax documentation (i.e. T4), and other occasionally available payroll documentation. You can print copies of these documents directly from ESS. Be sure to keep a record of your personnel number. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you are required to fill out both tax forms because your employment will take place in Ontario. 

If you have already provided your tax forms for another employment situation, you will not be able to claim the basic personal amount. In this case, please enter “0” in line 10 of the Provincial Tax Form and line 13 of the Federal Tax Form and Select the box “more than one employer” on the second page of both the Federal and Provincial forms. For more advice or information, please contact your personal tax advisor. We are not able to provide personal tax advice.  

We always recommend you consult with a tax advisor and/or the CRA if choosing this option.  We are not able to provide personal tax advice. 

If this is because you anticipate your total income to be below the total basic personal amount, complete page 1 as applicable and select “The total income less than the total claim amount” box on page two of the Provincial and Federal Tax Forms.

Your payroll documents cannot be processed until you obtain your SIN card. Visit Social Insurance Number – Apply - to apply for a new document. 

This number is generated after your documentation has been submitted and you have been set up in the payroll system. You are responsible to record and safely retain this number as it is needed to log into some systems. If you do not yet have a personnel number, leave this section blank.  

If you have cheques, you can write VOID across a cheque (do not overwrite the numbers at the bottom) and upload it as a PDF. If you do not have any cheques, your bank may provide a way to generate this from your online banking. The third option is to ask your bank for a form which you can use to provide us with this information. 

This will result in a delay in payment. Payroll is processed once a month; any missed pay will be processed during the next payroll cycle. 

The Centre for International Experience has experts who understand how to navigate necessary paperwork. In addition to the resources on their website, they also offer drop in hours and appointments.

If you have applied for a new study permit but have not yet received it, please provide a copy of a letter from the Government of Canada that confirms your application has been received by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC). You will still need to provide your actual study permit once you receive it. 

If you are uploading your application for your permit, please email to let us know when you upload your actual study permit. 

Note: Your pay could be interrupted if we do not receive a copy of your new study permit.  

Following the Government of Canada requirements, the University Human Resources process requires that we verify your SIN number. 

The email address for OISE payroll is   

GAs are paid monthly during the term of their contract. Payments are processed on the 28th of each month.  

If there is a delay in starting your GA payments, you will receive retro payments once it begins. 

You are not required to submit time sheets to the OISE Graduate Student Funding Office.  Once matched with a GA position, you need to speak to your supervisor regarding your work schedule.  

Your supervisor may require you to keep a record of your hours and the work you did but this does not need to be submitted to the Graduate Funding Office. Please check with your supervisor.  

All students holding a GA must be registered full-time in an eligible program.  If you complete your program part-way through the academic year, your GA will be cancelled.