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IDEAA Scholar Lecture - Oct 4, 2023
Topic: Deconstructing Cisheteronormativity in Counselling and Educational Contexts

Abstract: Would you like to think more about why some genders and sexualities have been considered “normal” over time while others have not? Do you want to learn about how psychiatric tools like the Diagnostic Statistical Manual (DSM) have contributed to the pathologization of queerness and transness? Attend this interactive workshop where we deconstruct white colonial gender and sexual norms, learn about gender expansive identities across the globe, and brainstorm ways to challenge everyday cisheteronormativity. This workshop will help dispel the idea that gender and sexuality is only relevant for queer and trans people and will invite internal curiosity. It is designed with counselling students and educators in mind and will encourage different modes of participation. As individuals will come with varying levels of pre-existing knowledge about gender and sexuality, a 15 minute optional debrief for any 2S/LGBTQIA+ or questioning attendees who want to process anything that comes up or to simply to connect with peers will be offered at the end of the workshop.
Ary Maharaj
Topic: Illuminating intersections: navigating healthism and healing while supporting clients with eating and body image issues