Anti-Racism Statement

A large tree surrounded by smaller trees.
Anti-Racism Statement

Our community is deeply saddened and angered by the news of shootings that have taken the lives of a Black 20-year-old man, Daunte Wright, and a Black 16-year-old teenager, Ma’Khia Bryant, within the last ten days. The Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development, in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, denounces the abuse of power and brutality by police and praises the courage of those who exercise their right to protest in the face of high risk to their safety and freedom. Further, we acknowledge anti-Black racism is a specific form of prejudice and discrimination that has permeated society and institutions through enslavement and colonization.

The Department is committed to educating its members to recognize, resist, and unlearn racism and dismantle the structures and barriers that perpetuate all forms of oppression and marginalization. As a department, we believe that human rights, inclusion, and respect are the fundamental values that must continue to guide our actions and create a safe and welcoming community for Black students, Indigenous students, students of colour, and international students.

Dr. Earl Woodruff
Department of Applied Psychology and Human Development, OISE
University of Toronto