Research Labs

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Research Labs

The Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development is home to a high concentration of counselling, developmental, school and clinical psychology research, led by faculty who are experts in their field. 

APHD faculty have active research labs and regularly present at prestigious academic conferences such as the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference, the annual Canadian Psychological Association conference, and others. Faculty also regularly participate in visiting scholar programs and deliver lectures across the globe.

This year we are looking forward to developing large-scale international projects that address the emerging issues concerning mental health, well-being and education.

The BOLD (Brain Organization for Language and Literacy Development) Lab

BOLD Lab website screenshot


The CARE (Coping, Affect and Resilience in Education) Lab

CARE Lab website screenshot


Emotions & Learning Optimization (ELO) Lab

Emotions & Learning Optimization (ELO) Lab


Geva Lab

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Dr. Kang Lee's Development Lab

Dr. Kang Lee's Development Lab website screenshot.


Language and Learning Lab

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Multilingualism & Literacy Lab

Multilingualism and Literacy Lab website screenshot


Play Learning Lab

Play Learning Lab screenshot.


Wisdom & Identity Lab

Wisdom and Identity Lab website screenshot


Critical Health & Social Action Lab

Critical Health and Social Action Lab


Mathematical Thinking Lab

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