Kevin Olmstead

June 14, 2022
Kevin Olmstead
Master of Education in Counselling Psychology (CP), Class of 2022

What are some words of wisdom you would give to a new or incoming student in your program?
Be open to your peers, professors, and clients! Everyone has something to teach us! We all come into this Masters with different intersecting identities and at different points along our personal and professional journeys. Take advantage of this diverse array of individuals and experiences, and the safe and supportive environment OISE provides to augment your personal and professional perspectives. This Masters is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow, and is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter in your career!

What next?
Having just completed my Masters, my current plan is to take some time off to rest and travel. Following that, I will be starting a small private practice and pursuing clinical opportunities to work with emerging adults in community mental health and post secondary settings!

OISE’s world class reputation, expert faculty, and the opportunity to tailor my course and practicum experiences to my desired professional goals made it my top choice for my Masters.  I valued the program’s synthesis of trauma-informed, social justice, and anti-oppressive clinical frameworks into its curriculum, and the opportunity to broaden my clinical perspective and approach through engagement with my esteemed professors and peers. All in all, this program has left me feeling confident in my ability to be an efficacious support for future clients!

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