Mira Persaud

June 14, 2022
Mira Persaud
Master of Education in Counselling Psychology (CP), Class of 2022

What are some words of wisdom you would give to a new or incoming student in your program?
Imposter syndrome can be tough to navigate during your masters. Remember that you bring inherent value and a unique perspective to the spaces you're in. 

What next? 
I recently started my private practice as a Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying) under supervision where I provide interdisciplinary and intersectional psychotherapy services to a diverse clientele at sliding scale fees. I also provide psychoeducational workshops and consulting to help other organizations (such as the university space) enforce and instill diversity practices into their workplace. I work with a variety of clientele, but mainly BIPOC & LGBTQ+ folks, women who are survivors of trauma and abuse, or people struggling with their sexual and reproductive health (including processing abortion experiences). I also work with clients who have interpersonal relationship difficulties (friend, peer, partner), depression, anxiety, or are navigating big life transitions. Check out the following links for more information!
Website: https://samarapsychotherapy.com/
Linktree: https://linktr.ee/samarapsychotherapy 

The highlight of this program for me was having in-vivo opportunities in classes to practice our counselling skills and techniques. Not only did I have the change to bond with many of my colleagues virtually, but it also helped me cultivate new approaches to therapy I hadn't considered before. I especially enjoyed learning from Dr. Jeanne Watson during the EFT course! 

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