Yi Huang

November 11, 2020
Yi Huang
Master of Education in Developmental Psychology & Education (DPE), Class of 2019

Current place of work:
NetEase at Hangzhou, China Mainland

What is your current role?
Human Resources Administrator

What led you to this program?
I always wanted to learn more about how the psychological factors impact one's decisions. This degree has given me a better understanding of children's psychology. For example, the psychological differences between children and adults, the process of a child's psychological development, and how to deal with children that have psychological disorders, etc.

What was your biggest take-away/learning from the program?
The inspiration for this career choice came from my graduate major, developmental psychology education. I had the opportunity to study the psychological changes of people at different ages. As I finish graduate school, I am intrigued to learn more about how people's psychological development affects their career planning.

What did you enjoy about the program?
I like the diversity and freedom endowed by the DPE MEd Program. In this program, we often design courses and simulate teaching in groups according to the knowledge in the course. We were not teachers just yet, but we studied the effectiveness of curriculum design from a higher perspective.

How has this program/ your profession impacted you? 
Human resources is a field that requires long-term engagement with human beings. The traditional six modules include: human resource planning, recruitment, training, performance, compensation and labor relations. Therefore, I need to judge the information of a candidate from these various behaviors during an interview, and I also need to deeply explore the personality of the candidate to judge whether it is consistent with the values of the company.

What would you say to a current student?
Enjoy all of the opportunities and experiences you get to have during your degree. Know how to cherish all around, this is the greatest happiness in life!

Also - congratulations, you've made a great choice. Being able to study at OISE is a very valuable thing. Learning not only refers to a person's knowledge and skills, but also his study habits, thinking, networking resources, etc. Whenever I look back on this time in my life, I will feel very grateful!

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