Our faculty have multi-disciplinary teaching and research expertise in a wide range of fields, including but not limited to:

Jeffrey Ansloos, Associate Professor
A community health, social policy, and Indigenous studies scholar, whose research concerns social and environmental determinants of Indigenous peoples health, particularly in the areas of suicide; housing; and community mental health. 

Anne-Claude BedardAssistant Professor, Teaching Stream & DPE MEd Program Coordinator
Attention-Deficit/Hyperacticity Disorder (ADHD); pharmacological and non-pharmacological interventions; cognitive function; neurodevelopment.

Mary Caravias, Director, OISE Psychology Clinic & Director of Clinical Training, SCCP
Clinical training and supervision practices; Self-awareness development in psychotherapy training; Therapeutic relationships and the process of therapy; Ethical, diversity & relational issues in clinical supervision; Developing Self-Care Practices.

Beverly Caswell

Charles ChenProfessor
Vocational and career psychology; post-modern career psychology; humanistic psychology; life-career development; career theories; Morita therapy.

Xi Becky ChenProfessor & Associate Chair, Student Experience of APHD
Language, literacy, bilingualism, reading difficulties, French immersion, and refugees.

Jody Chong, Lecturer
Masters of Child Study and Education Program instructor, TDSB Special Education Teacher specializing in literacy instruction.

Yiola Cleovoulou, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream & CSE Program Chair
Elementary school pedagogy and teacher education; critical literacy and inquiry pedagogy.

Todd Cunningham, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream & SCCP Program Chair
Learning disability, assistive technology, psychological assessment, ADHD, reading disability, dyslexia, reading intervention, school psychology, education psychology.

Lisa Dack, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Child and adolescent development, teacher inquiry, ongoing teacher professional learning.

Feng Ji, Assistant Professor
Quantitative methods, psychometrics, and applied machine learning in psychological and educational research

Michel Ferrari, Professor, DPE MEd Program Advisor
Explores the personal meaning of wisdom in people at different ages (from children to the elderly) from different nations. 

Patricia Ganea, Professor
Cognitive development; language development; scientific reasoning.

J. Garrett-Walker, Associate Professor
Mental health and multiple identity development for two-spirit, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (2SLGBTQ+) emerging adults with a focus in Black, Indigenous, and other People of Colour (BIPOC). 

Esther Geva, Professor
Literacy development in children learning to read in a second language (L2); cognitive and linguistic processes and predictors for L2 learners; relations between oral and written language skills in L2 learners; and cross-cultural psychology pertaining to L2 children's well-being.

J. Roy Gillis, Associate Professor, CP MEd Global Mental Health & CCP MA & PhD Program Chair
LGBTQI2S+ psychology, stigma, discrimination and hate crimes against LGBTQI2S+ communities, stigma and misinformation related to COVID-19, HIV sexual risk behaviour and prevention, bullying behaviour and prevention.

Julie GoldensonAssistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Adverse Childhood Experiences; Adult Attachment; Female Offenders; Intimate Partner Violence; Trauma-Informed Legal Practice; Forensic Psychological Assessment; Remote Assessment; Historical Sexual Abuse; Psychological Injury; Vicarious Trauma; Resilience.

Abby Goldstein, Associate Professor & Associate Chair, Programs of APHD
Risk and wellness behaviours during emerging adulthood; influence of distal and proximal factors on risk and wellness and critical developmental from ages 18-25.

Ellen Gutowski, Assistant Professor
Psychosocial factors in the well-being of underserved populations; women’s experiences with poverty and intimate partner violence; effect of systems-level responses to women affected by these stressors.

Chloe Hamza, Associate Professor
Adolescence and emerging adulthood; lifespan development; stress and coping; risk and resiliency; self-injurious behaviors.

Zachary Hawes, Assistant Professor
Mathematical Cognition; Mathematics Education; Spatial Thinking; Numerical Cognition; Teacher Professional Development; Math Anxiety.

Linda Iwenofu, Assistant Professor
Anti-black racism; race-related stress and trauma; equity, diversity and inclusion issues in clinical child psychology; risk and resilience; clinical training and supervision in school and clinical child psychology.

Eunice Eunhee Jang, Professor
Language assessment, educational measurement, and program evaluation.

Kaja Jasinska, Assistant Professor
Cognitive development, language development, reading, bilingualism, biliteracy, global child development, fNIRS, neuroimaging.

Jennifer Jenkins, Professor
Child development, family systems and developmental psychopathology.

Nina Josefowitz, Lecturer 
Cognitive behaviour therapy, using imagery in therapy, fostering a therapeutic relationship within a CBT framework, global mental health, cross cultural issues in CBT, international teaching, forensic assessment of historical abuse, the mental health and educational impact of residential schools.

Steven Katz, Associate Professor, Teaching Stream
Professional learning; Networked learning; Evidence-informed decision-making; Organizational learning; Leadership in schools and school districts.

Clare Kosnik, Professor, cross-appointed to the Department of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning

Kang Lee, Professor & DPE Program Chair
Moral behavior and cognition. Keywords: deception, lying, cheating, honesty/dishonesty

Alexandra Makos, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Online teaching and learning across the lifespan and the design of learning experiences on student engagement.

Rhonda Martinussen, Associate Professor
Inattention and achievement; Executive function; Cognition and instruction.

Roy Moodley, Associate Professor, CP MEd & CP EdD (Counselling & Psychotherapy) Program Chair
Critical multicultural & diversity counselling & psychotherapy; race & culture in psychoanalysis; global south psychologies; mixed race relationships.

Charles Pascal, Professor Emeritus
Evidence-based policy making from pre-school through post-secondary education. Leadership and organizational development.

Janette Pelletier, Professor
Early child development and education; impact of of full-day kindergarten; integrated early childhood services; parent involvement and family literacy in children's learning in kindergarten and primary classes; cognitive development and children's theory of mind.

Michal Perlman, Professor
Environmental influences on the social development of preschool aged children; impact of childcare on child development; children's development of conflict resolution skills.

Michele Peterson-Badali, Professor & Associate Dean, Research, International & Innovation, OISE
Children’s and adolescents’ knowledge, reasoning, perceptions, and experiences of the youth justice system, their understanding of rights, and their evolving legal capacities.

Angela Pyle, Associate Professor & Director of Jackman ICS
Play-based learning in the classroom; early literacy development; assessment in play-based classrooms; kindergarten; teacher practice.

Katreena Scott, Associate Professor
Prediction, prevention and treatment of abuse in intimate and family relationships; addressing violence perpetration in men and fathers. 

Judith Silver, Professor, Teaching Stream & Director of Clinical Training CCP 
Clinical training and supervision in counselling, psychotherapy & clinical psychology; psychotherapy process; use of self in psychotherapy practice.

Naomi Slonim, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Areas of expertise: Psychotherapy; child and adolescent therapies; psychodynamic and relational therapies; play therapy; clinical training and teaching. 

Tracy Solomon, Assistant Professor, Teaching Stream
Math Learning, Numerical Cognition, Approaches to Math Instruction, Research to Practice, Evidence Based Education.

Lana Stermac, Professor 
Gendered and sexual violence in post-secondary education; trauma and women’s mental health; sexual violence and women’s education; feminism and violence.

Suzanne Stewart, Cross-Appointed from Dalla Lana School of Public Health

Richard Volpe, Professor & CSE EdD Program Chair
Life Span Development, Primary Prevention, Life History, and Injury Prevention.

Mark Wade, Assistant Professor
Early life stress; childhood adversity; mental health; risk and resilience; cognitive mechanisms; executive functioning; social cognition.

Jeanne Watson, Professor
Psychotherapy research process and outcome; empathy; therapeutic relationship; emotion-focused psychotherapy; experiential; humanistic.

Earl Woodruff, Associate Professor, Chair of APHD
Computer supported learning environments and flexible modes of education; technology, play and gaming; emotion and cognitive engagement.

Debby ZweigDirector of Training, TARC , Assistant Professor Teaching Stream
Anxiety Disorders, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.