Program Evaluation Emphasis (Developmental Psychology and Education)

The Program Evaluation (PE) emphasis will encourage an exploration of program evaluation used in education, psychology, and social sciences. PE is a systematic analysis of the process, effectiveness, and outcomes of programs. The primary purpose of PE is to assess what components of a program are working or not working, and why. Students will learn to understand the concepts and theories needed to become a critical reviewer of evaluation designs and develop core components of PE proposals and reports. As such, students will develop the basic competencies needed for program evaluation, including critically appraising evaluation research, assessing program needs, developing a logic model, evaluating the process and outcomes of the program, evaluating efficiency, dealing with ethical issues, warranting evaluation claims, and communicating with stakeholders. Furthermore, students will develop an understanding of how social, cultural, and political factors impact PE.


Developmental Psychology and Education (DPE) Master of Education (MEd) students must successfully complete 1.5 full-course equivalents (FCEs), which are counted towards the total FCEs required for the student's degree program, as follows: Students must take 1.0 FCEs from the PE menu listed below and 0.5 FCE from the Research Methods menu.

Upon successful completion of the emphasis requirements and the successful completion of the degree requirements, students may make a request to the DPE Program Liaison to have the emphasis noted on the student transcript. This request must be made before graduation.

Please note: The PE emphasis is completed on an optional as part of fulfilling the requirements for the DPE MEd. The requirements for the PE Emphasis do not affect the overall requirements for the DPE MEd program and are not in addition to the usual program requirements.

The teachings within the PE Emphasis are consistent with the competency requirements for credentialing with the Canadian Evaluation Society

Courses listed below are 0.5FCEs each.

Program Evaluation Menu (1.0 FCE from the following, which must include at least one of APD1212 and/or APD3202):

Program Evaluation Menu (select 1.0 FCEs from this menu)

APD1212H* Basics of Program Evaluation in Social Sciences
APD1250H* Program Evaluation Practicum
APD1292H* Instrument Design and Analysis [RM]
APD3202H* A Foundation of Program Evaluation in Social Sciences [RM]
APD3305H Systems and Organizational Change
Research Methods Menu (select 0.5 FCE from this menu)
APD1210H* Research Practicum
APD3201H* Qualitative Research Methods in Human Development and Applied Psychology [RM] 
JOI1287H* Introduction to Applied Statistics [RM]
JOI1288H* Intermediate Statistics and Research Design [RM]
JOI3043H Development and Use of Surveys in Education Research [RM]
JOI3048H Intermediate Statistics in Educational Research: Multiple Regression Analysis
JOI3228H Mixed Methods Research

(*) The asterisk indicates courses that will be offered in the 2023-24 Academic Year. Please note that some of these courses will have pre-requisite courses attached to them that need to be completed beforehand. Please consult the official OISE Course Schedule for this information (available online in summer 2023).


DPE MEd Program Coordinators

Dr. Anne-Claude Bedard

Dr. Michel Ferrari

DPE MEd Program Liaison