The course APD1274 Learning to Learn: Bridging Theory and Practice provides the academic and language foundations to successfully complete all courses in your program, including academic reading and writing skills, online learning strategies, and oral communication skills.

In this course, we cover Developmental Psychology topics, such as: 

  • learning and cognition  
  • collaborative learning 
  • metacognition, self-regulation, self-efficacy 
  • motivation & learning 

We also build Language and Academic Skills, such as:  

  • how to read academic articles 
  • research skills (eg: how to define & refine assignment topics, finding sources on library databases) 
  • academic writing (eg: citations, organizing a written paper, writing literature reviews and annotated bibliographies)  
  • online learning strategies 
  • oral communication skills 

Select APD1274H as one of your elective courses if:

  • English is not your primary language.
  • You have little to no experience in Canadian academic settings or are new to Canada.
  • You want to improve your skills in reading academic articles in English, writing research papers, engaging in online discussions, finding academic sources on library databases, and citing sources using APA.
  • You want to build more confidence expressing yourself in English in academic settings.
  • You want to learn more about the expectations and practices in graduate courses at OISE. 

See the full description and course details on the Fall / Winter Course Schedule page.

For more information, email Eleonora Maldina.