This page supplements the information available in the CTL Student Portal (Requires UTORIid login) and MT Practicum Handbook. A contact list is found in the Student Portal.

Student Health and Wellness

MT candidates can contact Jeananne Robertson, Student Success Counsellor in OISE’s Registrar’s Office & Student Experience (ROSE).

Jeananne can provide counselling and initial guidance around available support services, accommodation, accessibility, equity and advocacy.  Jeananne Robertson’s office is on the 8th floor at OISE and can be contacted at or by phone at 416-978-2448. See also the ROSE Contact Us page.  

Navi, short for navigator, is a chat-based virtual assistant for students wanting to learn more about the mental health supports available to them at the University of Toronto. Navi is an anonymous tool that provides students with information to help them navigate mental health resources and make decisions about seeking appropriate support. 

Visit to use the assistant.

U of T My Student Support Program (U of T My SSP) provides students with real-time and/or appointment-based confidential, 24-hour support for any school, health, or general life concern at no cost to you. You can call or chat with a counsellor directly from your phone whenever, wherever you are.  

Ongoing support is available over the phone in 146 languages. Immediate support is available over the phone in 35 languages and over chat in simplified Chinese, English, French and Spanish. Web option is also available on the website.  

To get support, visit the U of T My Student Support Program website or call 1-844-451- 9700. Outside of North America, call 001-416-380-6578.  

The University of Toronto’s Student Life website provides an extensive list of support services and contacts for different types of distress as well as the equity offices and communities of care on campus during university hours (Monday to Friday, 9-5).

Visit Student Life - Support for when you Feel Distressed.

Equity, Racism & Inclusion (EDI)

If the concerns are course-based, and are not readily addressed with the instructor, students can contact their divisional Academic Coordinator. In many instances, these concerns are also brought to the attention of the CTL Associate Chair, Teacher Education.  

Academic Coordinators  
CTL Associate Chair, Teacher Education

Leslie Stewart Rose (

If the concerns are related to experiences in a practicum setting, MT candidates are encouraged to contact their Faculty Advisor, Cohort Coordinator, your Practicum Coordinator or the MT Partnership Coordinator. 

MT Partnership Coordinator:
Dr. Ken McNeilly (

General practicum inquiries:

    When TCs prefer to share or disclose their experience or concern, rather than report it to an academic or practicum coordinator, TCs are invited to contact Máiri McKenna Edwards, who is the Equity, Diversity & Student Experience Coordinator for the CTL department. 

    Máiri McKenna Edwards (she/her)  
    Office 11-136  
    You can book a meeting with Mairi using an online scheduling form.

    • Anti-Racism & Cultural Diversity Office
      Provides assistance and manages confidential concerns and complaints of discrimination and/or harassment based on race, ancestry, place of origin, colour, ethnic origin, citizenship and/or creed. Call 416-978-1259. 
    • University Campus Safety (non-emergency) 
      Call 416-978-2323 on the St. George campus. 
    • Centre for International Experience
      A diverse community of international students coming to U of T and domestic students looking to go abroad. Call 416-978-2564. 
    • Community Safety Office
      Responds to students, staff, and faculty members of the University of Toronto community who have personal safety concerns. Call 416-978- 1485. 
    • Family Care Office
      Provides confidential guidance, resources, referrals, educational programming and advocacy for the University of Toronto community and their families. Call 416-978-0951. 
    • First Nations House/Indigenous Student Services
      First Nations House provides culturally relevant services to Indigenous students in support of academic success, personal growth and leadership development. Call 416-978-1893. 
    • Multi-Faith Centre
      Supports the spiritual well-being of students, staff and faculty and to increases our understanding of and respect for religious beliefs and practices. Call 416-946-3120. 
    • Sexual & Gender Diversity Office
      Develops partnerships to build supportive learning and working communities at the University of Toronto by working towards equity and challenging discrimination. Call 416-946-5624. 
    • Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Centre
      The Centre facilitates access to support, services and accommodations for students, staff and faculty members who have experienced sexual violence. Call 416-978-2266. 


    Typically, the first step is to speak directly with the instructor. If you are unable to resolve your concerns after speaking with your instructor, or if you do not feel comfortable raising the issue with your instructor, then please contact the appropriate Academic Coordinator (AC) for your division. 

    Academic Coordinators:

    If the question is related to your practicum placement (eg. location or subject), please contact either your Cohort Coordinator (Y1) or your Practicum Coordinator (Y2).   
    If you are in your practicum, please contact your Faculty Advisor (FA). Depending on the nature of the concern, you are encouraged to also contact your Cohort Coordinator (year 1 TCs) or Practicum Coordinator – see below. 

    Practicum Coordinators:

    MT Partnership Coordinator:
    Dr. Ken McNeilly 

    General practicum inquiries:


    If you have a question about your research course, please speak directly with your research course instructor.   

    If you have questions about research in the MT program (beyond the research courses) - including questions about research scholarships, the MT research conference, and opportunities for sharing your research (e.g., conferences, publication, and more) please contact Dr. Pam Baer (

    Admissions, Enrollment, Fees & Student Services

    Any questions or concerns related to admissions (e.g., satisfying conditions), program registration, course enrollment, fees, or financial assistance, these questions are to be directed to ROSE (Registrar’s Office & Student Experience). If you find yourself needing guidance on these matters, you can also contact your divisional Academic Coordinator (AC). ​

    The Registrar’s Office is located on the 8th floor at OISE. MT students cant drop by the front desk to make an inquiry or contact the team through email or through the phone.  

    General Email: (Please include your name, student number and OISE department in your subject heading and message) 


    • Lucy Stellato: 416-978-1636 
    • Delina Bekele: 416-978-1660 
    • Olivia Penney: 416- 978-1654 
    • Seemin Qureshi: 416-978-1639 
    • Anne Marie Kwan
      Financial Aid Coordinator - Bursaries; OSAP; scholarships; loans; internal awards payment; financial advising; liases with central financial aid 

      Phone: 416-978-2237 

    • Jeananne Robertson
      Student Success Counsellor - Student counselling; academic accommodations; accessibility; equity; advocacy 

      Phone: 416-978-2448 

    • Ghayas Shams
      Student Careers and Events Coordinator - Career advising; co-curricular record; Professional Preparation Conference; student professional development events 

      Phone: 416-978-1599 

    • Viel Tolentino
      Acting International Recruitment and Student Success Coordinator - International student recruitment and student support 

      Phone: 416-978-1657 

    See the days, time and links to join different drop-in sessions on ROSE's Events, Workshops & Conferences page.

    Add/Drop a Course, Withdrawal, Leave of Absence, Course Extension & Appeals

    The timing of when you wish to drop or add a course can influence the required process. Information on the process as well as a link to the required Add/Drop form can be found at Student Forms and Documentation Requests
    If you are seeking to drop or add an MT-required course, you are requested to contact your divisional Academic Coordinator who can review the process, and discuss implications and options.  

    Academic Coordinators

    If you are considering a withdrawal or seeking a leave-of-absence from the MT Program please review the information on the Registrar’s website – click on the drop-down menu for “Program Leave of Absence or Withdrawal” and contact your Academic Coordinator.

    Academic Coordinators


    If you are struggling to finish coursework for a particular course as a result of exceptional circumstances which you feel warrants extra time beyond the end of a course, you can apply for an extension using the Extension to Complete Coursework form, found online at the link below. Your request needs to be supported (and the form needs to be e-signed) by your instructor, so it is best to speak with your instructor before undertaking the process. If your instructor approves the extension and signs your form, you will need to email your completed, e-signed form to, and copy this email to the relevant Academic Coordinator (PJ, JI or IS). Course extension forms need to be submitted prior to the due date for grades to be submitted, which can be found on the Registrar’s Important Dates.  

    Form: Coursework Extension Form (as a PDF)   

    Please note that a course extension to complete course work provides you extra time. The extension does NOT provide you with continued instructional support from the course instructor. You are expected to complete your coursework independently. If you require academic writing support, you can make an appointment on the OISE Student Success Center website.   

    The appeal process for a grade in a course is outlined on the School of Graduate Studies website. As noted on this website, TCs must file an appeal within eight weeks after the date of the decision being appealed. In general, the first step to an appeal process is attempting to resolve the matter with the instructor. If the TC is unable to resolve the issue with the instructor, and wants to move forward with a grade appeal, then the TC can move to the next level and discuss the matter with the appropriate MT Academic Coordinator. 

    Academic Coordinators

    If you have any questions or concerns that aren’t addressed in the sections above, please contact and we’ll do our best to help you address those. 

    MT Program Contacts

    MT Program

    Program Inquiries
    Support for current students enrolled in the Master of Teaching program.



    Practicum Inquiries
    Support for MT Practicum-related questions for current students in the MT program.



    Awards/Scholarships Inquiries 
    For awards and scholarship-based inquiries that are relevant for CTL students.


    Associate Chair

    Dr. Leslie Stewart Rose
    Associate Chair, Teacher Education


    EDI and Student Experience

    Máiri McKenna Edwards
    Coordinator, EDI & Student Experience



    Dr. Ken McNeilly
    Partnerships Coordinator


    Academic Coordinators


    Carolyn Temertzoglou
    Intermediate/Senior Academic Coordinator



    Dr. Gurpreet Sahmbi
    Junior/Intermediate Academic Coordinator



    Anne Marie Chudleigh
    Primary/Junior Academic Coordinator


    Additional Contacts and Resources

    You can find additional contacts on the main CTL Contacts page or on the OISE website.