Eco-Art: Bee the Change

Art Installation

This art installation aims to raise awareness of the challenges faced by bees in the 21st century.  We depend on bee pollination to cultivate a third of our plant-based foods – including coffee, many fruits, and, of course, honey. Without bees, our complex ecosystem and food systems would be radically changed for the worse. The decline in bee populations in Ontario is being referred to as Colony Collapse Disorder; many believe the causes of CCD are habitat loss, climate change, neonicotinoids (a type of insecticide), Varroa mites, and Nosema (a fungal digestive disease).

Each Ontario bee depicted in this installation has been hand drawn by a student or faculty member of the OISE community onto an adhesive material made from 100% recycled plastic. Created as part of the 'Take the Stairs' Campaign, the installation now forms part of the walking art gallery that encourages our community to take the stairs rather than elevators (saving energy and improving health and wellness of the walkers). 

Artists: Teacher Candidates from OISE's Initial Teacher Education Programs.  Special recognition goes to faculty member Hilary Inwood and OISE students Alysse Kennedy, Annie Dearden, Rachel Shiderman, and OISE alumni Vivian Trumblay for facilitating this project.

bees' black and white drawing collage on yellow background
bees' black and white drawing collage in beehive shape on yellow background