Podcasts on Environmental & Sustainability Education

Building Our Roots

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On Building Our Roots, we pass the mic to youth from coast to coast of so-called Canada who are mobilizing, advocating, and educating in the face of the climate crisis. Their climate action is unfolding across high schools, universities, and communities. Listen to their stories about fostering connection and solidarity, overcoming eco-anxiety, and fighting for just and sustainable futures. Hosted by voicEd Radio, this series was created and produced by OISE graduate students Emiko Newman and Megan Pham.

Teaching in a Climate Crisis

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How can teachers best address the climate crisis? Why is this important, what do we need to know, and how should we 'be'? Who's leading the way here in Canada, and what can we learn from looking abroad? In the Teaching in a Climate Crisis podcast series, hosted by voicEd Radio, OISE graduate students Yana Lee and Jackson Fowlow have conversations with key players to answer these questions.