Starting Points for Sustainability & Climate Action at OISE

Faculty Sustainability Guide

OISE's Faculty Sustainability Guide provides starting points for embedding sustainability and climate action into courses, programs and research. Check the guide out for strategies, resources, contacts and more!

UofT Community of Practice on Sustainability Teaching

Join this interdisciplinary CoP centred on aligning teaching & learning with Transformative Sustainability Pedagogies.

Teaching & Learning

OISE Courses

OISE offers a variety of courses that connect education to Land-based learning, sustainability, climate justice, and climate action.

OISE Programs

Learn about OISE's Collaborative Specialization Programs with UofT's School of the Environment.

Co-Curricular Learning Events

SCAN offers many co-curricular learning events to support faculty & students to learn more about sustainability, climate justice and climate action. 

CEL Courses at OISE

Community-engaged Learning (CEL) is a great way to engage students in your course!

OISE as 'Living Lab'

Want to use OISE as a 'living lab' for sustainability in your courses?

OISE Learning Garden

Take your students outside to use the Garden as site for learning

OISE's ESE Conference

Get involved in OISE's annual conference in Environmental & Sustainability Education

Sustainability at UofT

Learn more about sustainability & climate action across UofT's three campuses.

OISE Research

Learn more about OISE faculty members undertaking research into Land-based learning, Environmental & Sustainability Education and Climate Justice.