OISE Programs related to Sustainability, Environment & Climate Action

OISE offers students a variety of programs that support learning related to sustainability, environment, climate justice and climate action in education.

Master of Teaching Program

Dept. of Curriculum, Teaching and Learning
OISE's MT program is one of the few teacher education programs in Canada that requires students to complete a required course in Environmental & Sustainability Education (ESE), helping to fulfill the new guidelines set by the ACDE's Accord on Education for a Sustainable Future.  For students in the Intermediate-Senior division, this course is CTL 7070: Issues in Sustainability Education.  For students in the Primary-Junior or Junior-Intermediate divisions, this course is CTL 7018: Curriculum and Teaching in Science and Environmental Education. A range of elective courses in ESE is also available for MT student to to take as part of their degree program.

Collaborative Specialization Programs with the School of the Environment

Dept. of Social Justice Education
Adult Education & Community Development Program, Dept. of Leadership, Higher and Adult Education

The Collaborative Specialization in Environmental Studies provides students who have an interest in the environment with interdisciplinary learning that complements the discipline-based study they are doing in their home units. That learning takes place in both the formal courses offered by OISE and the School of the Environment. One of the compelling strengths of the specialization is the interdisciplinary environment in which teaching and research are conducted. For example, the core course ENV1001H typically has students from 10 to 20 academic disciplines and accordingly places an emphasis upon the challenges and rewards of interdisciplinary communication. Students are both able to specialize in an area of environmental research and gain exposure to a wide range of intellectual and methodological disciplines focused on environmental issues.

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MA, M.Ed, EdD & PhD Programs

All OISE Depts. 

OISE offers a variety of courses related to sustainability, environment, climate justice and climate action in education that can be taken as part of any of its degree programs.


Already in an OISE program? Learn more about our informal (co-curricular) learning opportunities related to sustainability, environment, climate justice and climate action in education.