The Sustainability & Climate Action Network (SCAN), previously known as the Environmental & Sustainability Education (ESE) Initiative, was founded in 2008 to broaden and deepen support for OISE’s institutional goal of Social and Ecological Responsibility. Acknowledging that our world is now in a state of climate emergency and that there is a very limited time to shift to low-carbon ways of living, OISE recognizes that all organizations must actively contribute to a more sustainable future. As one of the largest and most research-intensive faculties of education in North America, and as an integral part of the University of Toronto, OISE is well-positioned to support and mobilize the education sector in this critical mission. 

With the guidance of the Dean's Advisory Group on Climate Action, SCAN coordinates OISE's new level of commitment to work towards sustainability and climate justice. As a leading faculty of education, we aim to utilize our influence in teaching, research and advocacy to address the climate crisis by embedding Sustainability and Climate Action into our curriculum and teaching, research, governance, and facilities and services. By drawing on the knowledge, perspectives, and expertise of OISE’s students, faculty, staff, alumni, and community partners, we aim to minimize our carbon footprint and amplify our contributions to a more just, equitable and sustainable world.

SCAN leads the implementation of the actions and strategies of OISE's Sustainability & Climate Action Plan and provides a nexus for those at OISE and in its partner communities to share information, develop events and programs, and work towards climate justice. It coordinates an innovative collaboration with the Toronto District School Board, providing integrated professional learning in ESE for K-12 teachers and OISE students, as well helps to lead a Community of Practice on Sustainability Teaching across the University of Toronto. Check out SCAN's most recent developments on its Community News page and its upcoming Events. We welcome your involvement in this urgent work!

SCAN Team  2023-24

Coordinator: Dr. Hilary Inwood
Research Assistants:  Sarah Urquhart
Sustainability Education Assistants: Melissa Pan
Learning Garden Assistant: Eric Beyeler

Recent SCAN Developments:

Other SCAN Projects: