OISE has been working towards a greater level of sustainability in its physical plant over the last few years. While challenging to do in a building first opened in the 1960s, OISE has managed in recent years to improve its energy conservation measures. New light fixtures, bulbs and motion sensitive timers have reduced the amount of electricity used, as have a new fleet of elevators (which are the greatest draw on power in the building.) Upgrades to the HVAC systems and the addition of solar films on two sides of the building have also reduced energy consumption. Automatic flush toilets are helping to reduce the amount of water used, as are controlled water flow systems in the washroom sinks. Recycling has been in effect for a number of years already, and green bins for organic waste were added this year. Plans to decrease the building’s ecological footprint in the new year include adding a water bottle filling station on the OISE main floor and in the student lounge on the 5th floor, creating an educational garden in the adjoining parkette, and mounting a campaign to encourage greater stair use. 

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Improved HVAC Systems

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Reduced Waste Catering