Eco-Art: FLAP 2.0 - For the birds

Art Installation

The plight of migratory birds in urban environments is the theme of this art installation, created in 2015.  Dozens of Ontario birds take flight in this stairwell to raise awareness about FLAP – the Fatal Light Awareness Program.  Representing the millions of birds killed annually in collisions with buildings, this artwork is an aesthetic form of eco-justice education, encouraging its viewers to consider the needs of all living things in the creation of more sustainable ways of living.

FLAP is an organization dedicated to educating the public about the impacts of human development on our feathered friends.  During spring and fall, night-migrating birds are lured by city lights into urban areas; birds often crash into windows reflections as the transparency of the glass presents the illusion of a safe passage.  Remembering to turn off overhead lights at night (use a desk lamp instead), and close the blinds will help to keep birds away from office windows at night.  

Each bird was drawn or painted by a member of the OISE community, then scanned and printed onto an adhesive material made from 100% recycled plastic. This art installation is as part of the 'Take the Stairs' Campaign, forming part of the walking art gallery that encourages the OISE community to take the stairs, rather than elevators (conserving energy and improving health and wellness of the walkers). 

Artists:  Teacher Candidates from OISE's Initial Teacher Education Programs.  Special recognition goes to OISE students Jennifer Ford-Sharpe,  Jamie Wei and faculty member Hilary Inwood for facilitating this project.

bird drawing collage on wall with blue background
FLAP installation: example for bird drawing/painting - owl flying
FLAP installation: example for bird drawing/painting - pink bird flying
bird drawing collage on wall with blue background