Active Hope: How to Face the Mess We're in, without Going Crazy: Finding our common story of wellbeing for self and earth

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This talk introduces the work of longtime environmental activist, author and Buddhist scholar Joanna Macy, with a focus on the interdependence of our human story and the Earth's story. Offering theory and reflexive practices from living systems theory, eco-spirituality and Macy's 'Work that Reconnects', participants will encounter a language of living hope, where our personal suffering with/for the world is revealed as the key to our collective survival.

Co-sponsored by OISE Wellness and OISE's SCAN.

About the Speaker

Danielle Denichaud envisions a world where each child knows how to cherish, protect and care for their holistic wellbeing, the health of the planet and live harmoniously with all life. An educator of children, youth and adults for fifteen years, she has worked professionally as a contemporary dancer, holistic nutritionist, Radiant Child yoga instructor, rehabilitative postural therapist, and educational consultant. She is currently a doctoral student at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. 

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