Why Air Travel?

As OISE faculty and staff contemplate a future where air travel is once again possible, many are looking forward to attending and/or organizing conferences around the world. But as we work together towards a ‘just’ recovery from the pandemic, and towards a future based on sustainability, equity, and justice, we ask you to consider the impacts of your travel choices. OISE’s ambitious vision for embedding sustainability and climate action in all aspects of its work includes an action to reduce academic and business-related air travel emissions. While OISE’s scope 1 & 2 GHG emissions (from heating and cooling buildings, for example) are outside of staff and faculty control, scope 3 emissions from air travel can be reduced. Read on to learn more about lowering our collective carbon footprint from OISE’s business-related air travel.

Recommendations for OISE Air Travel

Did you know that taking one less flight is equivalent to going car-free or meat-free for one year?! To reduce carbon emissions from your air travel:

Fly Less

Seek alternative forms of transportation beyond air travel, especially for short trips. Even taking one less flight per year can have a significant impact

Fly Smarter

Some flights are unavoidable. Fly smarter by choosing direct flights rather than flights with multiple layovers, by flying economy, and by choosing an airline committed to sustainable practices

Fly with Carbon Offsets

Offset the carbon emissions from a flight by paying a small fee to help mitigate the impact of your air travel. In Canada, less.ca is highly recommended. Verify with Business Officers for reimbursement eligibility prior to using any research/OISE operating funds for purchasing offsets

Recommendations for Travel to Academic Conferences

Did you know that only 1% of the world’s population is responsible for 50% of global air travel emissions? Conferences play a significant role in our choice to fly. Check out these green conference guidelines for advice on hosting sustainable events, and consider alternatives to traditional F2F conferences:

Online Conferences

Attend conferences online or organize a virtual conference to reduce air travel. Virtual conferences can offer increased capacity, improved accessibility and reduced costs. Many resources are available to support the development of video-conferencing and virtual events at U of T.

Hybrid Conferences

Attend or organize a hybrid conference, which could be in-person for local delegates, and virtual for those from afar.

Carbon Offsets

If air travel to conferences is necessary, consider purchasing carbon offsets to help offset travel and/or to offset the conference’s GHG emissions. Verify with Business Officers for reimbursement eligibility prior to using any research/OISE operating funds for purchasing offsets.

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