Eco-Art: Garden Towers Project

This art installation celebrates OISE’s Community Learning Garden. Created in 2015 in the form of six small clay towers, it focuses on two of the garden’s themes:  Environmental & Sustainability Education, and Aboriginal Education.  As the Learning Garden is only visible in the warmer months of the year, the idea behind this installation was to ‘plant seeds’ for educational gardening all year round. For this reason it has been installed in OISE's Library, next to the re-purposed card catalogue that now holds seeds for the Toronto Seed Library.

Each section of the garden towers was hand-sculpted out of clay by a member of the OISE community, then glazed and fired. The individual sections were stacked into 'towers', each separated by a clay disc.  This art installation is just one of many environmental artworks in the OISE building; look for others in the classrooms, in offices, and in the main OISE stairwell.

This installation piece celebrates the Community Learning Garden, which is found in six large concrete planters at the front of the OISE building (right in front of the OISE Library.)  It highlights themes related to OISE's programs:  Indigenous Education, Equity & Inclusive Education, Holistic Education, Creativity in Education, and Environmental & Sustainability Education. The garden models the joys of bringing nature into better balance in the city, and aims to inspire members of the OISE Community to include garden and nature-based learning in their own personal and professional lives. More info about the Learning Garden can be found here.

Teacher Candidates from OISE's Initial Teacher Education Program:  Annie Broadhurst, Lisa Perlman, Emma Pagacz-Guy, Vivienne Kang, Magdalena Slabosz, Alyssa Stoddard, Theodore Toulis, Jamie Wei and Jennifer Wessman. 
Faculty from OISE's Initial Teacher Education Program:  Judith Burt and Jane Forbes.

Special recognition goes to OISE MA student Jennifer Ford-Sharpe and faculty member Hilary Inwood for leading and facilitating this project.

clay towers installation at OISE library
clay towers installation at OISE library
three clay towers in exhibition at OISE Library