OISE as Living Lab for Sustainability

Campus as a Living Lab (CLL) projects help to address sustainability issues on campus by connecting students, faculty, staff, and external partners. They work to create opportunities to use campus as a test bed for sustainability by connecting academic and operational activities. 

Both CLL (on campus) and Community Engaged Learning (CEL; off campus) projects aim to provide opportunities for students to develop professional skills in relation to their fields of study. While CLL often connects to operational sustainability issues (like in a faculty of engineering or architecture), each faculty has its own area of expertise to bring to the CLL concept - at OISE, the focus is on the contributions of the field of education to shifting towards sustainability. 

OISE’s Sustainability & Climate Action Plan aligns well with CLL objectives: 

  • Create sustainable solutions - that are ecologically and socially sustainable, financially viable, and supportable in the long term;

  • Develop research, innovation, and collaboration opportunities; 

  • Work on integrated solutions – focus on connections between physical systems (energy, water, material, food) and the well-being of our community;

  • Provide learning & engagement opportunities for students, staff and faculty 

  • Advance knowledge of possible solutions for a sustainable future.

Examples of CLL projects at OISE:


Want to learn more about CLL opportunities? Contact oise.scan@utoronto.ca