In recent years OISE faculty and students have been working to raise awareness about issues about the environment, climate justice, and sustainability through the creation of a series of environmental art installations.  Many of these are part of the 'Take the Stairs' campaign, forming a walking art gallery in the main stairwell of the OISE building to encouraging community members to take the stairs, rather than elevators (thereby conserving the energy of the elevators and improving the health and wellness of the walkers). These installations highlight a range of issues, including the environmental rights of children, the plight of migratory birds, the importance of nature-based learning and the four Cardinal Directions, and the shift to sustainability practices.  Other artworks are found in OISE classrooms and the library.  To learn more about the impacts of these community-created artworks, refer to this research article. Access more information on each installation below.

orange and red bird print on a blue background

FLAP for the Birds

These handmade relief prints were created to raise awareness of the plight of migratory birds and the Fatal Light Awareness Program (FLAP).

pink orange and green painting with a circle in the middle and the word Buffalo on the top center.

Growing in New Directions: Knowledge-Building and Creativity

This mixed-media art installation shares children's learning about Indigenous knowledge, native plants and the four Cardinal Directions.

green and orange leaves collage on a tree branch

Turning Over a New Leaf

This clay and metal installation focuses on sustainability practices that can be implemented in schools.

student drawing using yellow and black lightbulbs in the shape of a person with the words: "Be a bright light! Turn off the light." written in red

Turn it Off!

This art project, created with intermediate and secondary students, uses creative light switch stickers to encourage energy conservation.

student's painting focusing on the roots of a tree

Growing Knowledge: Tree Murals

These murals share young students' growing knowledge and understanding about trees .

several round tiles installed on the wall with paintings and drawings about environmental rights of the child

Environmental Rights of the Child Art Installation

This clay installation highlights the environmental rights of children through their own eyes.

terracota ceramic tile with a leaf and the words 'grow together' engraved

Teach for the Earth, Teach for the Future

This clay art installation explores the power of nature-based learning.

bird drawing collage on wall with blue background

FLAP 2.0 - For the Birds

This mural focuses on the plight of migratory birds in urban environments.

three clay towers in exhibition at OISE Library

The Garden Towers Project

Found in the OISE Library, this clay art installation celebrates the OISE Community Learning Garden.

bees' black and white drawing collage on yellow background

Bee the Change

The challenges faced by Ontario bees are explored in this bee-autiful art installation.

tin can butterflies art installation detail

On a Wing & a Prayer

This installation uses upcycled materials to raise awareness of issues faced by Ontario butterflies.

painted leaves mural with shades of green

Outside In

This mural integrates image and text to celebrate OISE's Learning Garden and its many native plant species. 

Fish installation with blue background

Casting a Wide Net

This mural investigates the challenges faced by native fish species in the Great Lakes.

black and white circular drawing of sprouting leaf with the words 'slow growth'

Keywords for a Just Recovery

Our first digital installation explores the components of a 'just' recovery from the pandemic.