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Starting Points for OISE Students

Student Sustainability Guide

OISE's Student Sustainability Guide provides starting points for students on how to get involved with sustainability and climate action during your studies. You'll find info on learning events, courses, programs, co-curricular learning, and resources. 

Environmental Learning Circle

This Learning Circle is an OISE grad student group that provides an introduction to Environmental & Sustainability Education and opportunities to meet other students with similar interests. Dates for upcoming meetings are shared on the SCAN Events page.

OISE Courses

Expand your understanding of theory and practice through OISE courses focused on sustainability , climate change, and climate action.

OISE Programs

Undertake interdisciplinary learning through OISE’ s Collaborative Specialization programs with U of T’s School of the Environment.

Co-Curricular Credit (CCR)

The Environmental Co-Curricular Credit Opportunity records your learning about ESE on your official U of T co-curricular record (CCR). Find out more here

Upcoming Events

Native Plant Walk with Lorraine Johnson in the OISE Learning Garden

Join native plant expert and well-known author Lorraine Johnson for a special spring walk through the OISE Learning Garden!