Purposeful Printmaking Project

A team of OISE B.Ed students led the FLAP (Fatal Light Awareness Project) eco-art project to help raise awareness of the challenges of bird deaths around high buildings in the city.  Over 300 handmade bird prints were created by OISE B.Ed students, and distributed to all of the OISE offices with windows, reminding faculty and staff of the challenges for birds caused by light pollution in high rise buildings.  The prints acted as an artistic advocacy tool for people in the OISE building to close their office blinds each night, turn off overhead office lights, and use task-focused lighting at night to minimize the likelihood of birds crashing into their office windows. What is good for the birds is good for us and for the planet - these practices reduce our energy use in the building as well. 

Collaborating Artists: OISE B.Ed students Raysha Carmichael, Michelle Attard, Sindy Lui, and faculty member Hilary Inwood

For more information on this project, visit:  oiseflap.weebly.com/

bird print in shades of purple and pink
bird print in shades of green
orange and red bird print on a blue background