Congratulations from OISE Dean Erica Walker

OISE Dean Dr. Erica N. Walker.
Erica N. Walker, Professor and Dean

Congratulations to OISE’s Class of 2024! Today marks an important milestone in what will surely be a bright future filled with hope and opportunity.

Your degree is more than a certificate confirming academic credentials. It is a symbol of personal accomplishment that was earned through commitment, diligence and determination. We applaud your remarkable achievement.

As an OISE graduate, you are now part of a worldwide alumni network of more than 100,000 leaders of education. Our graduates include Order of Canada recipients, an Ontario premier, cabinet ministers, CEOs, social entrepreneurs, clinical psychologists, university and college professors and researchers, policymakers, award-winning teachers and many more.

There has never been a time when education has been more important to more people than it is today. Around the globe individuals, communities and nations increasingly look to education to strengthen and sustain social, cultural and economic development.

As you embark on your unique journey, remember that success takes many forms. The world can be changed by education in countless ways, from improving the life of a single student to leading system-wide reform.

Whatever path you pursue, know that we will continue to take great pride in your accomplishments. I urge you to always stay connected. Remember to join our many special alumni events, subscribe to our newsletter, access our career supports and read how OISE alumni just like you are making an impact — and, in time, share your knowledge and expertise as a mentor to new generations of OISE students.  

Above all else, please keep in touch. Because even though you have much to celebrate today with the many family and friends who helped to get you here, we think your future is even more promising.

Thank YOU for having chosen OISE. We can’t wait to see what you do next!

Congratulations again and best wishes.

Erica N. Walker
Professor and Dean, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education


With determination to make the world a better place, you have earned a degree from one of the top education faculties in the world – and you should be very proud. Congratulations to the OISE Class of 2024. You did it!

Your Convocation Day

June 7 - OISE Convocation Celebration

Graduands and guests, please join us in the OISE Library immediately following your Convocation Ceremony for a special celebration honouring our EdD, PhD, MEd, and MA graduates (excluding MA-CSE).

June 19 - OISE Convocation Celebration

Graduands and guests, please join us in the OISE Library immediately following your Convocation Ceremony for a special celebration honouring our teacher education graduates (MT and MA-CSE).

Convocation Speakers

Rosemary Sadlier

Rosemary Sadlier

Rosemary Sadlier, an OISE alumna, author, historian, educator, social justice advocate, is recognized for her transformative work and leadership advancing anti-racism, Black women’s issues and Black history and heritage. She initiated the process to establish February as Black History Month and has championed the recognition of August 1 as Emancipation Day at the local, provincial and national levels. Sadlier has also contributed significantly to African Canadian curriculum development and education, empowering generations of students and teachers.

Zanana Akande

Zanana Akande

Zanana Akande is an OISE alumna who, in 1990, became the first Black woman elected to the Ontario legislature. Akande is recognized for her decades of constructive leadership and fearless advocacy for equity and diversity. A daughter of immigrants from the Caribbean, she served as a teacher and school principal in the Toronto public school system. Her work has focused on employment equity, community building, race relations and the empowerment of women. 

Convocation Stories

Welcome to the OISE Alumni Family

Our alumni community – over 100,000 strong – is making an impact in education. With a degree from one of the world’s top education faculties, you are now equipped with the knowledge and skills to help make the world a better and brighter place. As an alum, you have access to a wide range of benefits and services that will connect you to meaningful professional opportunities as well as fellow alumni and new friends.

There are perks to being an OISE alum

Stay connected with our alumni newsletter

Well Wishes From Your Fellow Alumni

Cindy Sinclair, MEd '09, PhD '17

"The world needs you. You have been given the tools to become a part of something big, and to be leaders in your areas. You are a graduate from the number one faculty of education in Canada. Pick up the baton and follow your dreams. Think big. Think outside the box. Most of all, believe in yourself."

Shakina Rajendram, PhD '19

"Know that you are not alone because you are now part of a global community of scholars – unified not by your geographical location, but by your joint commitment to transforming education towards equitable, socially-just, culturally-responsive, and high quality learning."

Sabrina Persaud, MEd '13

"I know this is a tough time, but remember there are so many skills that you’ve developed that are transferrable across different industries and sectors. You have so much passion, you are all so amazing and unique, and you are going to do so well. Reach out to your fellow alumni if you need anything at all."

Rumeet Billan, MA '10, PhD '14

"I want you to know that it is not about the legacy you want to leave, but how you want to show up every single day. I hope you enjoy every single moment and that you take the time to celebrate this incredible achievement. Congratulations!"

Shelley Murphy, PhD '12

"You’ve navigated a lot – especially in the last months. But with resilience, dedication and hard work, you have graduated from an institution that this year was ranked the 5th best educational institution in the world. You have much to be proud of."

Suleyman Demi, PhD '19

"Don't rest on your laurels. Put all that you have learned at OISE to good use and make a difference in your various communities. Be inspired by the historical moment we are in to change the course of history."